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Day #5: I am known!

Your need for approval is easily satisfied in Christ. Don’t look for it from anywhere else. Brian Houston

Don’t tell me you’re not addicted. We all are one way or another. We crave the number of likes on our Facebook and Instagram pics. We love to see the number of followers climbing to the thousands. Some people even buy their followers. And, I know you’ve unfollowed friends on many of your social media platforms simply because they don’t like or comment on your posts.
We all love to be known. We work hard for the recognition, reward and sometimes the renown. Whether our search to be known comes from a healthy or unhealthy place or approach, the fact remains, we all think it is cool.
Unfortunately, this longing or quest is never completely satisfied. Man’s approval and praise doesn’t satisfy like Jesus does.
  • Known or unknown
  • Popular or unpopular
  • Famous or out of the limelight
  • Successful or unsuccessful
  • With a platform or without one
  • Connected or isolated
  • In the game or out of the game
I am known by God

Galatians 4:9 says, We have come to be known by God.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5

  • He knows my name
  • He knows my address
  • He knows my number
  • He know when I rise and when I sit
  • He knows my coming and my going
  • He is familiar with all my ways
  • He is the ‘Seeing One’ the One who sees me
To be known by him is far better than worldwide fame
To be know by Him is far better than the applause of men
“Jesus came to announce to us that an identity based on success, popularity, and power is a false identity—an illusion! Loudly and clearly He says, ‘You are not what the world makes you; but you are children of God.’”—Henri Nouwen
Even if the world never hears of me or never get to know me, I am persuaded that He (God) knows me. That knowledge alone brings me the most profound and complete satisfaction.
I am known by God
I am always on His mind
He is familiar with all my ways
He is presence is with me everywhere I go
I live and move and have my being in Him
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