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let there be light

Originally posted on shift:
“You will be remembered. Stay strong Boston.” … It’s been nearly two weeks since the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Nearly two weeks since two alleged terrorists killed three people and injured 264 others at one of the world’s oldest and most beloved annual events. Nearly two weeks since chaos erupted and an entire city was shut down to find the imposters. Nearly two weeks, and I have yet to say a word. I haven’t mentioned Boston. Why? Is it because I am heartless? Am I too busy writing articles to concern myself with the plight of marathoners far, far away? Too busy talking to birds and making up poems about the night sky to worry about things like death and destruction? Too busy pondering life to take stock of what’s happening in it? Or is it . . . something else? Injured child in Syria On the same day as the Boston marathon, eleven Americans were murdered by guns. Two days later, a fertilizer plant in Texas exploded, killing 14.…