Month: June 2016

A Leader’s Conviction

Almost every Sunday morning before I open the doors of our congregation, I say to myself, “These doors will always be opened, even for a thousand generation, until our Lord returns.” Every time we receive an offering, sign a check to pay our church bills, I say to myself – “God will always meet our needs as a church.” Sometimes I audibly say these words in front of the entire church, “our church has been around for more than 15o years. God has been faithful and He is not about ready to abandon us. I am completely persuaded that He who began a good work in us, will be faithful till the end. Souls will be saved New believers will be baptized They will be discipled They will grow and develop into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ And they will go out and multiply I am completely persuaded! I refuse to allow doubt, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety to intimidate me.” You know what? I am not backing down from those convictions. Doors are going to get closed …

Let no flesh glory in His presence

It was the summer of 2001, over 2000 worshiper had gathered on a beautiful Sunday morning. The musical group was up – ready to start worship. The lead pastors were standing behind the musical group (old school) up on the platform. Everyone of them fired up and ready to serve the congregation. Not to mention, they looked good in their suit and tie. The atmosphere was charged with the supernatural presence of God, you could reach out and literally touch it. All eyes were on the King of kings until the worship leader turned around from facing the congregation toward to drummer who was immediate behind him. It was a horrible sight to see, in an outburst of anger he scolded the drummer for missing a beat and not coming in where he was supposed to. From that point on, everything went downhill. The presence of God lifted and the expression on the pastors’ faces was nothing less than disappointing. The worship pastor, well, that was me. I really don’t know what happened to me …

Thy Will be done!

I know you’re good But this don’t feel good right now And I know you think Of things I could never think about It’s hard to count it all joy Distracted by the noise Just trying to make sense Of all your promises Sometimes I gotta stop Remember that you’re God And I am not Hillary Scott – Thy Will