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A True Promise For Those Affected by Hurricane Sandy I’ll never leave you never forsake you No matter what you’re going through I’ve got good news for you I’ll be with you always In stormy weather, it is my pleasure I want to take care of all your needs Trust me and you’ll see I’ll be with you always And when trouble comes And there’s no other place to run Just look to me and I’ll be there Just a whisper of a prayer I’ll be with you always

Making Sense of Sandy

My Intro: In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating blow to many families and cities across America, one question that stands out and demands an answer is – where is God in this mess? In my search to make sense of the disaster, I’ve come across some very great articles. Allow me to share with you one or two. Below is an excerpt of each article and a link for further reading: What Jesus might say about Sandy By Mark Galli As usual, great weather events bring out the Christian crazies, like those proclaiming that Hurricane Sandy is God’s judgment (“God sent the whirlwind. Thank God for righteous judgment,” said one) against (pick one) homosexuals, pornography, materialism, secularism, Darwinism, and so on and so forth. But I’m not linking to these statements because, well, you’ve got better things to do with your time than read sub-Christian, one might even say non-Christian, theology. Granted when storms do appear in the Old Testament, they are often seen as God’s act of judgment, to prod repentance. The classic …