Year: 2018

10 Scriptures for Gloomy Days of Depression

Depression is an issue that impacts everyone. Christians and unbelievers alike suffer from fear, anxiety, and overwhelming stress. If you are not depressed than you know somebody who is or has been. In any event, depression is not fun. In time past the Church have in many ways sidestepped the issue and was dismissive of it. For most Christians, even admitting that they suffer from depression is something you just don’t do because others see you as a defeated, demon possessed Christian. But no matter where you are in your struggle, you can always find solace in Jesus, Hope and courage from scripture and practical advice and counseling to lift you out of your gloomy days of depression. Or at least help you walk through it. Allow me to share a few: He’s got gold in mind Job 23:1; 9, 10
My hand is heavy on account of my groaning.
Oh, that I knew where I might find him, that
I might come even to his seat! on the left hand
when he is working, I do not behold him; he
turns to the right hand, but I do …

The Black Dot!

“One day our headmaster walked into the classroom and put up a broad white sheet of paper with a small black dot in the corner. ‘Boys,’ he asked, ‘what do you see?’ All of us shouted in unison, ‘A black dot!’ Then he said, ‘So not a single one of you saw the broad white sheet of paper? Don’t go through life with that attitude.’.”

A Black Dot!

I don’t know much about Koffi Annan the former UN Sacretary General, but from what I gathered, he was gifted at seeing the big picture, especially when it came tonegotiating and solving complex problems around the world.

Living a visionary life

Take a look at Proverb 29:18 in three different translation “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keeps the law, happy is he.” “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; But when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.” Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction. Introduction Where there is no vision, no prophet to proclaim the Word, no pastor to teach the good news, the people perish, no revelation of what God is doing or what He intends to do: The people are made naked. They are stripped and exposed to shame and exposed to danger. They rebel, not only against God but also against leadership, and authority, They are idle and lose their commitment and devotion to the Lord. They are scattered as wondering sheep with no shepherd to guard them. They are destroyed for lack of knowledge. What is the meaning of vision? Vision is a captivating and compelling picture or dream …

Victory in the face of Opposition

One of the fundamental truths about the kingdom of God, the church or believers is that that kingdom, church, the believer always seems to thrive or triumph or win even in the midst of intense opposition. Jesus left us these promises – He said: “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” “The Kingdom of God shall advance and the voilent shall take it by force.” “If God is for us who can be against us?” Nehemiah reminds us in chapter 4 about a few things we need to do when faced with opposition.  And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” When our enemies heard that it was known to us and that God had frustrated their plan, we all returned to the wall, each to …

Soothing Consolation

When the cares of my heart, are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Psalm 94:19 This passage has been on my mind since yesterday morning. It not only blessed me richly through the day, but it also was a timely word for a friend with whom I had lunch. So I wanted to take a few minutes to share a few thoughts about it. The cares of life/my heart We all have it from time to time. The concerns of this life is a life choker. It chokes, squeezes and suffocates the life out of you. If there is an ounce of “Word of God” in you, well, it goes after it with a vengeance, leaving you full of busy, anxious, perplexing, worrying, fearful, distracting and doubtful thoughts. How do you handle vexing and contrary ideas? Your Consolation I am so thankful that we (believers/followers of Jesus) have Him – the One who “comforts us in all our troubles.” I am happy that we have the promises contained in His word that bring sweet consolation …

10 thoughts from Passion Week & Easter Sunday

I know, you might say, “too late for a post on Easter, it was two weeks ago.” Well, you might want to read till the last two points in this post to see what I have to say about that. But first, let’s get started with the first thing I learned about Easter during the passion week and Easter Sunday. Everything I’ll ever need is already provided “And he took unto him the twelve, and said unto them, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and all the things that are written through the prophets shall be accomplished unto the Son of man.” Luke‬ ‭18:31‬ ‭ Martyrdom – no!/ Reckless devotion – yes! The call tho lay down one’s life is not a call to martyrdom- it’s a call reckless abandon of self… “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭ True friends are those who are around when life a hard. We are called to be that kind of friend and hope to …