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Platform Generation

We live in a day and age where numbers really matter. The number of followers and friends you have on social media matter. It matters so much that people buy followers to make themselves look influential. Studies show that people spend up to 9 hours a day trying to boast their status in the blogger sphere and on social media.

This phenomenon is so strong that even the number of members in any organization can change the status of both the organization and its leadership – positively or negatively. Positively they are able to leverage their influence to change the world. Negatively they become self-absorbed, narcissistic and needy for the praise of men.

Sadly, when it comes to numbers, a lot of people think you need a huge following to change the world. I disagree! For example: If your church is small, it doesn’t mean you need to fold your hands and be mediocre. It doesn’t mean you remain silent. I pray that your church grows; I pray that you find what it takes to bring in the numbers.

Numbers matter – because numbers represent souls; and Jesus loves every one of them.  Your church can prove effective no matter the size. It doesn’t have to lack influence because of its size. The same is true for your ministry: blog, band, and broadcasts.

Don’t fall for the lie that says, “Only those with a great following can make a difference; only those with a platform can change the world.” Don’t let Satan silence you by telling you “you’re not qualified; you don’t measure up; and you don’t have the skills or the gifts.”

It’s all a lie! Not having a platform does not mean you don’t have a voice. Not having a huge following does not mean you don’t have a story. You are great for God right where you are. God has planted you in the right place, and he wants you to use you talent right there. The goal is not to build a huge following so you can become famous. The goal is to make Jesus famous by helping other become fully devoted followers of Him.

Romans 12:3 says “Do not think of yourselves more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.” What that means is you need to have a proper view of yourself, because if we do, you will think right and live in the right mindset about numbers.

Now, I tend to see every number as a very important person that Jesus loves. And if he allows you to reach each one with His life changing message, than it is worth adding another name to your following. But if it is just another means to boast my personal ego, then you’ll miss opportunities to change the world one person at a time.

You are not John Maxwell or Etta James, but there is something you’re definitely good at. Until you can actually believe in yourself, and unapologetic come into your own; using whatever hand you’ve been dealt; you may never change the world.


  • Give yourself permission to tell your story
  • Give yourself permission to let your voice be heard
  • Give yourself permission – be yourself

All you need is God and the opportunities and doors He allows you to walk through. You don’t have to wait to have a huge following to begin telling your story. You don’t have to wait to have a platform before you can make your voice heard.

All you need is:

  • A little confidence in yourself
  • A strong faith in a Big God
  • And an opportunity to let your voice be heard

So go ahead – start right where you are. If God allows, add more followers by taking the next village like Jesus did. Don’t forget every number represents souls Jesus loves and died for. This is what it’s all about – making your life count with God’s help for the sake of others. Those who forget that this is what it’s all about squander their influence and settle just for the status of having an impressive number of followers.

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  1. Amen Walter, amen! Very well said and admit to being obsessed with the numbers (or lack thereof) shown as views of my posts. It can be rather disheartening sometimes to write your soul out – to one or two people, because at the end of the day, the numbers are the numbers BUT thanks for this bolt of encouragement. Much appreciated!!!

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  2. Thank you for yet another encouraging post my brother. I have told myself several times that I was going to quit blogging because of disappointment from the low numbers, BUT GOD! He always bring to my remembrance of the verse of scripture that states: a man who puts his hands to the plow then turn back is not fit for the Kingdom. Then I am filled with that Jeremiah spirit that says: I tried to quit but the word of God is like fire shut up in my bones. Its a daily struggle to keep in mind that this is not about me, and that God’s will, will be done in His perfect way and in His perfect time. Thanks again brother Walter, and may our God continue to use you mightily and bless you richly.

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  3. This is a very good post with some real substance behind it.

    I used to look at the number of likes (and views) on my blog and think “how can I get those numbers up?” My highest daily number was 387 and I was as proud as a peacock….. I felt I had reached the pinnacle of success.

    Notice how many “I’s” I have written so far and have not mentioned God once? This became very troubling to me a while back. I started looking to see how many likes I had in comparison to how many views on each post I presented. Discovering there was a vast difference between the two. Of course I started administering blame for these false and misleading numbers. Thinking that if there were 50 views then there should be a comparable number of likes in retrospect to the over all numbers cast.

    After praying for an answer to this problem (at least the problem I saw); it dawned on me: “It’s not the “likes” God is concerned about – it’s the views.” You see God has a purpose for each blogger. That purpose is to reach a specific target at the precise moment with a concise message in, and for, someone’s life. God knows someone needs to hear that message – and in His time He brings the blogger, and his or her message, to those in need of that message……..

    If I have only one view all day; I can feel assured it was meant to be for God’s glory and not my own.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep us all. May His face shine upon us and His glory abound throughout the universe.

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    • Powerful
      Well said
      Awesome prayer
      Thank you for such a refreshing comment. Thanks for sharing your story, I assure you, that’s the story of most , if not all of us. I learned a valuable lesson earlier on in my blogging experience – “I took my head out of my stats and started putting my heart into building relationships.” I think that’s a great place to be as a blogger.
      Thanks for a great feedback


  4. realchange4u says

    God loves a encourager of his children. You have done that this morning. I thank you. Trusting Jesus, living for him.

    Blessings Walter

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  5. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    Walter has written a fab post! Relevant to all who seek to follow their Lord, to do “kingdom work”, to bring others to their Lord, to make disciples, to “reproduce” and (maybe) hope to be able to look God in the eye and say …

    “Look what I have done for You!”

    Walter causes me to ponder: Just what is “it” we are doing – and for who?

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