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Let Him set you up!

Every hard working person deserve a promotion and or a raise. Unfortunately, the way of hard work is not the usual route taken today. There is a game, for lack of a better description, that is being played everyday in the work place. People are trying by the minute to position themselves, set themselves up for promotion every minute of the day. Everyone’s trying to get ahead, and they do it at the expanse of others.

It happens all the time, a team member or a friend steals the ideas of others and take credit for them. Co-workers, business partners and close associates put roadblocks in the way of others in order to take what belongs to them.

Sadly, people forge friendships with the sole goal of using others to get to where they want to go – professionally, politically, socially, etc…

This same scenario is played out in “the church.” Yet, these people stand behind pulpits and act as if they are more spiritual than every body else. But when you take a closer look at their work, you see a different story.

There is power struggle, Group A against Group B. There is the backbiting and slandering and character assassination. There is dirty politics that make the shady stuff in Washington look like nothing. But the bottom line  here, the end game here is self promotion – how to get ahead of others. But I refuse to be a part of any of it.

I see things differently. The way to get ahead is not to use others. The way to get ahead is not to strive for it in an unholy way. The way to get ahead is not to assassinate other people’s character or steal their ideas.

When you desire to get ahead, you wait on God. Even when  you are cheated out of your opportunities to lead, you wait on God. For your times are in His hands.

Wait for God to promote me.
Wait for God to lift me up.
Wait for God to open the door.
Wait for God’s own time.

For when He opens a door – no man can close it.
When He closes a door – no one can open it.

Proverbs 10:22:
The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.
It is better to wait for the Lord to promote you – cause when He does, he adds no sorrow.

Proverbs 10:2:
Ill-gotten promotions have no lasting value.
Therefore, it is better to wait for the Lord – for everything He does, He does good in His own time.

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  1. realchange4u says

    It is sad Walter. Only if folks really knew God like He wants then to. Then they would not feel the need to be better or serve self. My prayer is that they would have a task experience with Jesus. I hope many read this post.

    Peace to you

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  2. It’s in every culture and sub-cultural group too. I’ve got little time for fickle politicking. Sadly, it so often seems to be something imposed on the role of a Pastor, making it difficult to draw a line between shepherd and politician.

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  3. Thank you, Walter! What a wonderful encouragement for us to trust God and watch what He will do as we work and do our best. God bless you, bunches!

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