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Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham: Answers in Genesis

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  1. Already "raptured" john 5:24 says

    Why doesn’t anymore ask these evolutionist where the eye or ears came from in evolution? If primordial ooze or muck didn’t originate with these then how would the muck ‘know’ (which implies a brain or at least thought) to evolve them? I mean if you didn’t know that photons existed why would you need to create or evolve a receptor for them? Let alone a network to transmit information about them to somewhere else for some reason. Same idea can be applied to the ear and sound waves.
    Some times people cloud the issue with logic.


  2. Anonymous says

    This is just a fascinating discussion on so many levels. My favorite moment happened when the question of a member of the audience is put to Mr. Nye.

    “How did the atoms that created the Big Bang get there?”

    To this Mr. Nye replied,
    “this is a mystery, we want to know , this is what drives us… The universe is expanding, he continues, and nobody know why, nobody knows why… Whatever it is, out there, it is here with us, but we just haven’t figure out how to detect it…suppose a science student there in Kentucky pursues a career in science and figures out an answer to that deep question? Where did we come from, what was before the Big Bang?”

    To this Mr. Ham responds,
    “Bill I just want to let you know that there is a book out there that actually tell us where we came from. And in the very first sentence of that book, it says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… That things that are seen are made out of nothing by an infinite God.”


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