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Infinite Redeemer


Now there have been many of those priests, since death prevented them from continuing in office; but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him… Verse 23

Message By: Rev. E. W. Moore.

There is a story told of Alexander the Great that, when the fancy took him, he would order a burning lamp to be set down without the walls of the city he was besieging. Then he would offer mercy to the besieged if they surrendered before the lamp went out. Was this the origin of the familiar lines—

While the lamp holds out to burn

The vilest sinner may return?

I know not, but I know that a greater King than Alexander pledges His mercy to the last dying gleam of our life’s flickering flame.’ His Name is Jesus!

Whom is Jesus Christ able to save?

Probably we have all thought of this text as applying to the unconverted. That is true—it is most true; but it is not the primary truth of the text. Mark the expression ‘them that come.’

In chapter Hebrews 10:1 we find that ‘comers’ are worshipers. The sacrifices of the law could never make ‘the comers’ thereunto perfect. Why? Because ‘the worshipers once purged would have had no more conscience of sins.’

Yes, worshipers are comers. The true believer is always coming. ‘To whom coming?’ Salvation is needed for saints as well as sinners.

To what extent is he able to save.? — To the uttermost.

(aTo the uttermost depth of human need.

(bTo the uttermost height of the Divine promises.

(cTo the latest hour of life.

On what does His ability to save lie?

(aThe place in which He ministers.

(bThe perpetuity of His office.

(cThe preciousness of His Blood.

—Rev. E. W. Moore.


Where are you. Where are you going? Would you consider making Jesus Christ your personal Lord and Savior today? Don’t miss this opportunity. His pledge of mercy still stands. Click here for prayer.

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