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Dude you need to Listen to your wife


I am sure you have heard or seen couples fight about the lack of quality time together. My wife’s idea about quality time is walking around the mall for hours or shopping until you drop. Well, yesterday after Church, we had lunch then we went to the mall.

As we drove to the mall, I decided to convince my wife to go somewhere else with me. So I invoked a recent Article I read to convince her not to throw away our afternoon. In the article, the author shares some very practical tips to avoid the mall. Needless to say, I was unsuccessful.

Few hours later, I am sitting near the women fitting room; directly in front of some very beautiful paintings. A young couple stood by, already with a cart full of paintings. Apparently, they were paintings wife liked. She seemed happy pushing the cart.

Anyways, the guy wanted to buy two more paintings, but his wife didn’t like them. She told him that she didn’t like the paintings and didn’t want them anywhere in her house. They argued about it for while and finally she prevailed.

They left and I remained sitting there staring at the beautiful oil painting as I waited for my wife to come out of the fitting room. After fifteen minutes, the guy came back and I was still there, staring at the paintings. He looked at me and said, “what do you think?” And before I knew it, I said to him, “Dude you need to listen to your wife.” To that he replied, “I am not going to listen to her.” He scooped up the two painting and walked away as if – I am the man, I will do what I want.

So, here are the questions:
Are those pictures going up on the wall in their home?
Is she going to have him return them to the store?
Are paintings going to disappear or end up in the dump or attic?
Do you think I crossed the line by telling him to listen to his wife?
Do you think the wife could have been a little less controlling and let him pick up something he liked?
Who’s gonna win this battle? Should there be a battle at all?

By the way, my wife got her dress and asked me to drive her to another store in town, where she shopped for another hour and a half and almost dropped. (-:


  1. It could go both ways, if the wife is smart she’ll make a compromise and let him hang the painting in the house. Even if it’s straight ugly painting and does not fit the style of the house. Why not? At least that would be something to laugh about next time they have guests. 😀 We women should give up some control, let go, it will not only make us happy, it will change our men too. Great post!


  2. Listening to your wife is never a bad thing, so I agree. Without knowing the nature of their relationship it’s hard to say what the situation is. Women can be quite controlling sometimes (not that men can’t be, certainly they can be too.) But regardless…I’m all for what you said as I am a big fan of not creating battles that aren’t worth it. To me a painting isn’t worth a fight. But that’s just me, without being educated on the nature of their interest in paintings, etc, etc…I’ll do my usual throwing in every possible scenario to try to make it fair here 🙂 Good for you for speaking up. I think your advice was pretty sound. Thanks for sharing the story here!


    • hey Brian, very excellent comment! Thanks for you input.
      His wife told him – “I don’t like it and it is not going up on any wall in my house.”
      But he comes back and asks me? Me? I thought, man whose opinion do you value most? Mine or your wife’s?
      Blessings brother…


  3. 9jagirl says

    I don’t know if I have a say so cos I am not yet married. Wives have to be considerate of husbands too. If she doesn’t like the paintings, she could have at least compromise and let him at least have one.


    • Hallelujah! (-:
      hey listen I had this great story to tell about encapsulation, just a little respond to your “no man is an Island” post. But some weird happened and I could get my comment to post. So, I’ve got a story to tell you in the near future. By the way, it was an awesome post, as usual.


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