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Mentor – Mentee

Five things I was reminded of in three days from my mentor:
Over the last three day one of my mentors in the Lord came to spend three days with me, my family and church. The following are either things I picked up fresh from him or things I was reminded of in a fresh and brand new way.
1. A steadfast and continued hunger for God…
I saw him in the word, in prayer, in worship continual. Now, I realize that some people can fake these things… And I know he was here just for three days, but you can tell that this was a life style. He talked passionately about just being with the Lord… And not using prayer as a tool to get things from God…
2. A high level of compassion…
I saw him weep, I saw him go from door to door in the neighborhood, I saw him pray for people, I saw him write names down in a prayer book for continued prayer way after he left. I saw the heart of a great pastor and shepherd.
3. A humble heart
He was aware of his own weaknesses. He constantly said he didn’t have all the answers but he knew someone who did. He even confessed to praying for a very difficult situation and walking away and thinking ‘I don’t know if God is going that. And expressed his surprise when the lady came back hours later with news of a miracle. Said it over and over that he was under my authority here.
4. A man of Modesty…
He brought his motor home, insisted on preparing his own meals (of course, I didn’t let him), but he didn’t demand or expect anything extravagant. Was very thankful the love offering and was concerned that it didn’t hurt the church. Wasn’t flashy, or arrogant. He mopped floors, carried trash, made dinner for 25 plus people, served them and washed dishes when it was all over. He was down to earth.
5. A great use of his time
He was at church about an hour before service began – praying and worshiping… He was up at five, studying and getting ready for the day… He gave some time to fellowship, visits, naps, reading, sermon preparation… And because he was traveling alone a special time for telephone visits with his wife was priority. And even though he was on the road he didn’t forget his son’s birthday. He got a birthday card from a local store in the area and walked to the post office to get it mail.
Before he left we read 2 Timothy 4:1-7 together. From the reading he came up with ten strong admonition from Mentor to Mentee.
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