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There are some important things in life, more important than making a buck or being popular or having the latest fashionable things. There is a God in heaven who cares about everything we do, and wants to point us to the most important things, the things that really matter.
Here are some of those things Paul the mentor outlines for his son in the Lord. Things he wants Timothy to persist in:
6. Endure Suffering
persist in it when life becomes hard and difficult… When persecution begins to happen because of the word, when personal problems like sickness, and loss and disappointments begin to happen… There are plenty of wonderful “highs” in serving God, but there are also afflictions to be endured.
 See verse 5
7. Share your faith
Persist in it even when people try to shut you out… Not everyone is called to be a pastor or a preacher, but everyone is called to share their faith…be bold, step out, tell your story
as for you do the work of the evangelist… Verse 5
8. Fulfill your ministry
As for you fulfill your ministry… See verse 5
Persist in it even if it is the simplest task… Discover you gifts and talents… They were given for a purpose… So use them to fulfill you call
9. Fight the good fight of faith – keep the faith…

I have fought the good fight of faith… Verse 7 of 2 tim. 4/ 1 tim. 6:12

Persist in it even when it comes under.
Persist in it even when your heart is tempted to doubt, and lose confidence
See verse 7
10. Love his appearing
See verse 8… who have loved his appearing.
Persist in it even when the love of many is running wax… Stay focused… Anoint you body for burial everyday… Long for his coming… Never forget that this world is not your home you are just passing through
See verse 12
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