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Gratitude is not a feeling – it is a response to the goodness of God in every season of life.

In trouble times our trust and our attitude are sometimes bend out of shape. Our perspective get blurred with doubt and fear. Gratitude is a perspective adjuster.

When we bring to memory the blessings of time past, focus on the little blessings all around us, and above all see who God truly is even in the midst of chaos – our gratitude begins to shape our perspective.

The scriptures says to “give thanks in everything for it is the will of God concerning you.”

Our gratitude allows us to see the hand of God in everything we go through. We begin to see how God a making all things to work together for our God. We begin to see the big picture.

At this time, because of a clear and heavenly perspective that God is in control – we can now turn our worries into praise – our mourning into dancing, and our weeping into shout of joy.

That’s how you remain thankful and grateful – even in a year of a pandemic. You focus on what you have not what you’ve lost.

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