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The Black Dot!

“One day our headmaster walked into the classroom and put up a broad white sheet of paper with a small black dot in the corner. ‘Boys,’ he asked, ‘what do you see?’ All of us shouted in unison, ‘A black dot!’ Then he said, ‘So not a single one of you saw the broad white sheet of paper? Don’t go through life with that attitude.” -Kofi Annan Kofi Annan au OYW

A Black Dot!

Sometimes as Christians all we do is focus on what disagree on and not sufficiently on all the other things we agree on. Let us not go through life with that attitude. Talk more about the thinks you agree on.

Sometimes in relationships, all a husband or wife thinks about is that character flaw or that thing that your partner does that so irritates you. Don’t go through life with that attitude. Think  about and celebrate the good things about your spouse.

Sometimes in churches all we seem to think about is that one black dot. The music is too loud, the pastor’s sermon is too long, there are no paper towels in the ladies rest room, there is no parking. Don’t go through life like that. Find something to like about your church. Talk about them every time you are tempted to focus on the black dot.

Sometimes life can be difficult, if that’s all you focus on, you are missing out on some of the  other awesome stuff the Lord may be doing in your life. Don’t go through life like that, give thanks, and develop an attitude of thanksgiving and a spirit of contentment.

It has been said that in every family there is a black sheep. One that is bad and different than the rest. I don’t necessarily agree with that kind of stigmatization, but those parents have managed to Zoom in on a bad thing in a child and label him/her for the rest of their life a black sheep.

The question is – is that all they see?

You get the drift…

There is a world of unlimited possibilities…Don’t let just one little dot steal your joy, stop you from seeing the big picture. Don’t let the little black dot rob you of the importance of understanding context, seeing cultures, people, possibilities, and problem solving. Notice the big white space!

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  1. Excellent advice. Every day has its own black dot – my black dot for the day is coming up in two hours – so thanks for reminding me about the rest of the day. Good job.


  2. Great post! I so completely agree, even in the news that is what they focus on. I always here people talking about how this world is getting so bad, but to me the truth of the matter is not that it has changed all that much but that as we pass year after year all we focus on is the negative.


  3. Good News says

    Thanks Walter; I enjoy’d your article today.. Blessings Brother… Bro Pat.


  4. arm5 says

    I find when people start complaining about those types of things they usually don’t have God first in their lives.


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