Culture is not Expensive to Create

I spoke this morning at a Youth With A Mission Base in Northern California to a small group of hungry, looking for revival, kingdom builders. I shared a bit about myself, my mission and my church.

It was a very cold morning, but together, we enjoyed what we felt was a unique opportunity to partner with local churches to see a new move of God in their communities.

Various people from that group spoke up to confirm what we were feeling through unique and timely testimonies of what the Lord was saying to them, and showing them. The conversation actually brought into a clear understanding of how we should strategically pray.

At the end of our time together, a young woman from Jamaica walked over to me and asked a very simple, yet poignant question: “What’s the culture of prayer in your church?” I took a few minutes to share how prayer is an integral part of our ministry. At the heart of that question is a certain intentionality.

At the heart of her question was a certain level of intentionality. So allow me to write about that.

Intentionality is the act of being deliberate or purposive.

I believe changing cultures or shifting atmospheres is the simplest, least expensive thing to accomplish. Too many people have great visions, great dreams, great desires to bring about change, but many know how to take those first steps to make it happen.

The one thing that sets visionaries and great leaders apart is that they don’t only know where they are going, they know exactly how to get there. Usually, getting there is just taking the first step on purpose.

If you want to see change – be the change.

If you want to move people to action – take the first step.

If you want to change the world – start right where you are.

If you want a great prayer life – make time for it.

If you want to share your faith – walk across the room.

If you want to grow in your faith – fall deeper with Jesus.

If you want to stop wasting your time – develop a game plan.

Whatever the goal, small, daily investments can bring big results.
― Michael Hyatt

It is that simple. No matter how small those steps are, over time they translate into big things. As much as following Jesus involves counting the cost, picking up our cross and following Him on a daily basis, so it is with accomplishing our life’s goals – we have to act with intentionality.

Share with me/us instances where you started something small and that one thing over time became a culture/habit.


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