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General Butt Naked

In the late 90s a madman named Joshua Milton Blahyi, better known by his nom de guerre General Butt Naked roamed the streets of Monrovia killing, eating human flesh and drinking human blood. initiated as a priest at an early age over an African traditional religious cult and endowed with demonic priestly powers, Joshua Milton Blahyi, better known as General Butt Naked and his men fought completely naked during the Liberian Civil War because they believed that supernatural powers were given to them through this strange ritual. Together with his men, General Butt Naked set the city on fire and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Within that period a brave group of believers was praying for God to kill the General. During one of their prayer meetings, someone began to prophesy that God wanted them to change the way they were praying. Instead of praying for the death of the General – they were to pray for his salvation. So they did.

Soon after, The General responded to an invitation to attend a church service. It was at this service he got saved. He walked to the altar to ask Jesus into his heart for the very first time, and the power of God came upon him.

According to him, for three days, what seemed like black smoke left his body while he laid on his bed. He got delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit and today he goes around preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, AL Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, El Shebaab and other murderous, tyrannical and terrorist organization are roaming the streets of our world beheading innocent men, women, and children.

But I still believe in the power of prayer.

  • It was a prayer that gave Joshua the edge when Moses lifted his hands.
  • It was a prayer that gave Jehoshaphat the victory over the Ammonites (a great multitude from Syria).
  • It was a prayer that moved Zerubbabel’s mountains.
  • It was prayers that shook the place the disciples stood in prayer.
  • It was a prayer that got General Butt Naked converted and it is a prayer that will shape history again.

Today I am blowing the trumpet in Zion; I am sounding the alarm. Today I am calling God’s people to a new level of prayer and intercession for the nations of the world. We cannot afford to idly sit by and do nothing. “Give God no rest” until He breaks the power s of this great evil.

I am confident that this too shall pass. I have already seen the end. WE WIN! So “don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch The Lord rescue us again. These band of terrorist we see today will never be seen again. The Lord Himself will fight for us. Just pray and be still.” (Inspired by Exodus 14:13-14).

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