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10 Best Loved Christmas Books | FaithGateway

Christmas is wonderful time to sit in your favorite reading chair, with perhaps a fire and a mug of hot chocolate nearby, and enjoy a great book! Here are 10 touching and inspirational Christmas books that will prepare your heart for Christmas and get you in the spirit of the season! Celebrate Christmas this year by sharing these best-loved Christmas books with your family and friends.

On This Holy Night
Rekindle the true meaning of Christmas with the help of six gifted Christian authors, including:

Max Lucado — a look into Joseph’s story, a man caught between what God says and what makes sense
Rick Warren — the real gift of Christmas is that God sent His own Son to connect with the human race
David Jeremiah — why the name of Jesus is so important and perfect
And many more! Read more…

The Hope of Christmas
Go on a journey… from the promise of the Messiah given to us in the Old Testament… to the promise of Jesus’ birth in the New Testament… to the promise of Jesus’ life and our salvation… to the promise of His resurrection and our eternal life. This unique Christmas book contains Scripture followed by brief writings that will take readers on a voyage as they explore God’s prophecies and promises for Christmas. Read more and watch the video…

The Nativity Collection
Step into the wonder-filled world of Christmas with this endearing collection of original stories. You’ll meet a shy, bookish boy who finds himself center stage in the Christmas pageant, a Pennsylvania family whose car disappears on December 24th, and a mountain man trapped in a blizzard with his grandson on Christmas Eve. Read more…

One Incredible Savior
This bestselling Lucado Christmas classic is now updated with a new title and a beautiful new design. But the heart of the message— the miracle and wonder of the birth of our Lord—remains the same. Max combines warm, personal stories with the ultimate story— one that has reformed the world since Christ was born more than 2,000 years ago. Read more and watch the video…

The Glory of Christmas
Max Lucado, Charles Swindoll, Anne Graham Lotz, and Henry & Richard Blackaby have combined their own touch of inspiration with the true Spirit of Christmas— the birth of Jesus Christ— and created this classic collection of stories and excerpts to be treasured for years to come. Read more…

Mary Did You Know?
Author and music artist Mark Lowry offers an expanded view of his highly successful Christmas song, Mary, Did You Know? in this classic gift book. Includes a CD with the song sung by Lowry and the Gaither Vocal Band plus reflections from Lowry about his sentiments as he wrote about Mary’s view, heartbreak, and unwavering faith as the mother of the Savior. Read more…

The Twelve Blessings of Christmas
This book is a delightful celebration of the season, bringing out the best of blessings that make Christmastime so joyous. Memories, friends, music, faith, kindness, beauty, warmth, love, giving, peace, and faith—each blessing is highlighted with kid-friendly crafts, recipes, poems, and music. Throughout are tidbits of history behind each blessing adding an appreciation for how popular traditions began. Read more…

Socks for Christmas
In the late sixties, New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews thought he was having a very good Christmas. He got the Incredible Edible Machine and the G.I. Joe he asked for. He even got a white belt. He also got socks from his Aunt Jane – unarguably a very lousy Christmas gift. How could he know that those lousy socks would change Christmas and him forever? Read more…

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10 Best Loved Christmas Books | FaithGateway.

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