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Call & response: A Spiritual Dialogue

A call to Hear

Hear this, you elders;

give ear, all inhabitants of the land!

This a call for the elderly and for the young – every man, woman, boy, and girl. He doesn’t want any to be left out. He is calling Hindus, Buddhist, and Muslims. He is calling the entire world to hear what He has to say through His Son Jesus Christ. Hebrews 1:1 says, “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son.”

If you hear His voice don’t harden your heart!

A call to Awake

Awake, you drunkards,

A spiritual slumber has swept over the nations. The eyes of many Christians are heavy. Jesus is calling the church to come alive. He wants to bring revival. He wants to raise up those dry bones and breathe life into them so that they can live again.  Ephesians 5:14 says, “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Are you asleep? Could you not watch one hour?

A call to Lament

Lament like a virgin wearing sackcloth for the bridegroom of her youth.

We are called to a grieve as deep as a betrothed virgin whose promised husband dies before the marriage is consummated. This is a time of mourning over one’s spiritual condition. But I also see what some call the deepest level of prayer here. For when we do not know what to pray for as we ought, the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

A call to Be Ashamed


Be ashamed, O tillers of the soil; wail, O vinedressers, for the wheat and the barley, because the harvest of the field has perished. See verse 11

Be ashamed of three things: The harvest is dried up – vine is dried up – fruits are dried up. These represent the harvest of souls, the outpouring of His Spirit and the fruits of the spirit. Be ashamed that our churches are dying, our young people are leaving the church, converts are few, young men and women are not answering to call to missions, women are still second-class citizens in the Church., sin is rampant, there is no revival, people are still bound by Satan even though we have the promises, the power, the presence and the platform.

A call to Consecrate a fast

Consecrate a fast; call a solemn assembly. Gather the elders and all the inhabitants of the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD. See verse 14

Jesus practiced prayer and fasting a lot. His disciples did it a lot as well. The early church fasted and prayed together very often. We usually hear with clarity when the Spirit speaks and we often have the power to do great things when he moves as a result of fasting and praying. “While they fasted and prayed – He spoke.” Jesus said, “this kind does not leave without fast and prayer are two power verses about the power of prayer and fasting.”

A call to Repent

This a call to forsake. It is a call to abandon, turn away from, change your mind. It is a call to renounce sin and sinful behavior. It is a call to embrace Jesus, grace. The question is are we going to turn?

A call to cry out

Psalm 107:6 says, “Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.” The time has come to break free from normal, laid back, lazy Christianity. A place where nothing significant ever happens. This call is for those who are not satisfied with the status quo – those who want more of God, more of his grace and power.

Can I get a response from someone today?

December 31st, 2011

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  1. We’re currently attending a class entitled “Overcoming Obstacles to Intimacy With God.” With Him as our Father, we can cry out to Him in the same way a child cries for his parent. What a comfort it is to know that He will meet us when we do. 🙂



    • Amen! it is indeed comforting. He is only waiting for us to make the move. “If we draw near, he will draw near” stay blessed and see you on your blog!


  2. Bridge Builder says

    I am torn apart by how the church clashes globally right now. The western church is drowning in comfort, and I am daily sickened by people coming to take up precious counseling time with small selfish issues such as living in a villa (by global standards) and fretting about the education of their 5 year old. the rest of the church is suffering from persecution, and the money the comfortable church spends on movies and fast food alone (unnecessary stuff) would be enough to save the lives of all their brothers and sisters. The new leaders of Africa drive the most vulgarly braggy cars while they turn a cold shoulder to those who are chased for their lives daily. Christians spend money on picking up dead weight in gyms while orphaned children in India would love for somebody to pick them up … it breaks my heart every day. So much to do so little time, so few who care …


    • Hey JC hope all is well with you. thanks for answering the call of God on your life – it’s evident in your writings – stay blessed and see your on your blog!


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