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The mission of God is too important to leave to missionaries


The Mission of God is too important to leave to missionaries .
Christopher Wright

What is The Mission God?

The Mission of God is to seek and save those who are lost, it is to rescue, to heal, to restore through love and compassion and the finished and redemptive work of Christ, all people to a relationship with him. This “missio dei” is the sole purpose of the church and the Modus Operandi of every follower of Jesus Christ.

Who are to carry out The Mission of God?

The Mission of God is not for a hand full of people to fulfill, it’s a mission to which God has called all of us to fulfill.

We acknowledge, celebrate, and support the call of those commissioned by God to foreign and homeland missions. But we are obligated by God to remind us all that the sacred and the secular divide is a hindrance to God’s mission and it prevents Christians from impacting the culture around them.

We must reject the idea that there are jobs out there that are more holy than others. Only then can we embrace the fact that God wants to use every one of us and we don’t have to become evangelists or missionaries – unless God is calling us to do that.

We must also realize that the marketplace is as well a mission field and those who work in the marketplace are missionaries commissioned by God to witness to the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The true Church is not the building or places we meet for worship on weekdays or weekends. We bring the church in those places. We are the church, each individual member. We should remember that every time we step out the doors of our places of worship we are entering the mission field.

It is in Corporate America. It is where you work and where you play. Let’s represent him well and spread his good news everywhere we go.

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  1. Charles Spurgeon said: “Every Christian is a missionary or an imposter.” I’m sure with you and God’s word on this.
    We’re to be ready with the reason for our hope too!


  2. Anonymous says

    Hi, again, Pastor….
    Just moments ago I found your request for my “poem” , or what ever it is. I will hand copy and get it to you very soon. Van liked it, but I didn’t realize that it impacted anyone else. I hope it will bless others.


  3. Amen. And a side comment—technology and economics have reshaped possibilities for the “mission field.” There are so many wonderful resources on the Internet and ministries (e.g. Reasons.org, ReasonableFaith.org, Apologetics315.com to name just three) that can reach so many people at very little cost. I’m all for sending people who are truly called to the mission field, but the expense and effectiveness have to be weighed carefully (particularly where in-country people can do more for less). If we were all more diligent and purposeful about accepting the Great Commission there would be a lot more meaningful sharing and a lot less anguish in this world. Not by changing political realities or affecting countries or people groups, but doing it the way Jesus did, face-to-face and personally. Thanks again for a great post!


    • Thanks again John for another wonderful comment. I know many other sites that are doing wonders over the internet reaching far away places. There is a church in florida call Northpoint church with Pastor Hunter that is doing a phenomenal job reaching nations over the internet. The cool thing about it anyone can sign up and go through thier training and become an online evangelist. it’s cool! thanks again man of God!


  4. Anonymous says

    Hi, Pastor
    i thought that your “missing piece” sermonet was perfect for the occassion. Bettter to be drawn in love than threatened . Good job.


    • good evening Nell, thanks for the kind words… I am so glad that people give their lives to the Lord on Wednesday Night… what a joy to see the Lord at work. Thanks for your prayer. The bible says, it is the goodness of the Lord that leads to repentance. I’ll see you in the morning – one more thing – can I share your poem from last Sunday on my blog? it was incredible!


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