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5 Things that get a great leader snubbed

I often ask myself why some of the smartest people in the world are not the ones calling the shots or running the show? Why is it that some people with great ideas and awesome resume don’t get their projects and ideas approved or get that promotion based on their smarts. Why do they get smack down or shuffled off into other departments in a company or just get completely ignored?

Being smart and full of good ideas are not the only things that get you noticed and keeps you productive and ahead of your peers. Character is the most important trait you could ever possess.

It is rather unfortunate that most smart people get smacked down or get ignored, but it is a reality. From my observation, there are five crucial reasons: Arrogance, Ego, Insincerity, and Over-selling of self and Insubordination. Let’s unpack these:

Unfortunately most arrogant driven people don’t even realize it. They don”t even have to say a word, because their attitude speaks louder. They are snobbish, and love making others feel useless and incompetent. The bible says that, “the Lord opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

Ego/ me, myself and I
Ego-centrism is another problem for anyone trying to get ahead in life. At the center of an egotistical person”s life is the personal pronoun “I”. They are selfish, controlling, dominant, arrogant and manipulative. Life is all about them.

Integrity is not a part of their vocabulary. They lie, cheat, double-cross and just about do anything to get ahead. They actually don’t mind using you as long as you are a means to an end. These are some of the smartest and most dangerous people you can ever come across. They know exactly how to play you.

Some people think they are smarter, cuter or better than others. They love to belittle others, size them up and spit them out. When they talk to you, it’s usually in the form of condescension. They show no respect for leadership or anyone above them.

Recently on America”s Got Talent, a very gifted ex-Marine thought it wise to embellish his resume by telling a lie about a speech impediment . Next day it was discovered that he lied. Your gift always speaks for itself. The bible says that your gift will bring you before kings. You have no reason to oversell. See Proverbs 22:29

The common problem with these people is that they have the false notion that their arrogance, ego, insincerity, insubordination and oversell is the key to get them and keep them on top. Unfortunately, these are the very things that bring them down.

The key to getting ahead is through humility, honesty, self-respect and an even greater respect for others, not forgetting that God is the one who lifts and promotes, especially when do things his way. That is what character is all about.

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  1. Planting Potatoes says

    amen Walter….good read! I think this is a reason Jesus said that the last shall be first, and the first shall be last…..a good leader is one who is willing to mop the floor when no one is watching…..


  2. Anonymous says

    To turn around a popular saying in the commercial world; “There’s no ‘team’ in ‘I’.”


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