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Midnight cry: 4 Prayers from Psalm 31

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Good Morning Everyone,
I’m sorry about my absence. Lately, life has been super busy, and there are some new and exciting things happening, those I will share at another time.

Just after midnight last night I took some time to pray, but I couldn’t find the words. So I started reading Psalm 31, a PowerFULL Psalm, and suddenly I knew exactly what to pray for. I’m sure you have been in that place before – you just don’t know what or how to pray, but the Holy Spirit shows and helps you to pray according to the will of God.

As I read the Psalm four prayers stood out to me. Let me share them, maybe you could use them too:

4 Keep me free from the trap that is set for me

Traps set by the enemy of my soul. Traps set before because of success. Traps set by jealous friends. Traps set before me because of Kingdom advancement. And those by my own bad choices. Lord set me free!

8 set my feet in a spacious place
Bring me into my element. Let me have maximum impact in what I do… Enlarge the sphere of my influence. Release your unmerited favor. Increase my momentum. Unlock my potential.

15 My times are in your hands
Help me to number my days as well as remain confident that you are working things out so that can accomplish my life goals. Let it be my season to advance to the next level. Make it my time to shine for your glory. Make it my time to be a blessing.

18 Let their lying lips be silenced
Fight every spiritual battle that I can not see… Shut the mouths of lions and close the gates of hell. Every tongue that has risen against. Silent every lie, falsehood, rumor, gossip, and slander at work.  Lock the mouths of my enemies.

In Jesus Name


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Exodus 11:1-8; Exodus 12:29; Judges 16:1-3; Ruth 3:8; 1 Kings 3:20; Matthew 25:6, 13; Acts 16:25-28; Acts 20:7

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I needed those words of encouragement my brother. We have to call on God because it is only Him that can protect us from things we cannot see. Thanks again…I read this one on time! Blessings.


    • hey Richard, I am glad you were encouraged. I pray that the windows of heaven be opened upon us tonight as we lift prayers up to the Lord. May His divine protection remain over us.


  2. good to hear new and exciting things are happening! I love it when we pray and the Holy Spirit helps us to just know…. enjoy your posts.


  3. The mountain seems so tall some days and yet when we just keep placing the right foot in front of the left – we gain a little more toward the pinnacle, to achieving out goal. God bless you and I do enjoy your message.


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