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Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Proverbs 3:5, 6
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

An anxious person

An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been praying, waiting and trusting the Lord for something very important, but over the last two days, I have become increasingly anxious about it. So I decided to go to church and sing some old hymns. I thought, maybe that will help me snap out of my anxiousness. You know what, it worked.
After singing a few of my favorite hymns, this one ministered more than the rest and  for practically the entire day, I couldn’t stop singing it. I can now say with confidence, I know that my God will take care of me. Let me sing it over you if you are feeling anxious today. I pray that you will find the grace to trust him more.

I’m not too confident you will like my voice, or my playing, but just take it as a joyful ‘Noise’ of encouragement.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take him at his word. Just to rest upon his promise just to know thus says the Lord.
Jesus Jesus how I trust you how I prove you o’er and o’er Jesus Jesus precious Jesus o for grace to trust you more.


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  2. Hey I have a degree in Music/Vocal Performance, and I think you did wonderfully, because it came from your heart. As for the piano…sounds like it could use a tune up…lol. But it was moving, and one of my favorite hymns. I feel the same way about being anxious or worried. It seems when we just move into a time of worship, God melts it all away. But again..I think the piano could use a tuneup…just a few keys sound a little off, so don’t get down on yourself.


    • Hahahahah… Sounds like I could use a tune up too! Thank you so much my friend. I most diffinately needed a tune up spiritually during those days of anxiousness. And like you said, God melts it all away when we get into His presence. All of a sudden you find harmony. I appreciate your comment. Do you play and sing?


      • I sing, and play guitar. My piano skills aren’t as well, even after 2 years in college piano. My fingers are so short that it takes me a lot to learn the simplest songs…lol. My oldest daughter is the one who could pick up the piano better than I. My youngest loves it too. I have 2 brother-in-laws who play piano and one of them is a professional piano tuner. I picked up his ear form many years of watching him tune our piano, and from great music professors who really helped train their students ears to discordant sounds. I love Christian music the most, because no other music feeds the soul as much or connects us with the Lord as much as it does. I can sing in my bedroom and find myself in the middle of the greatest worship experience ever…just me and my Lord and Savior. It has been a source of peace for me even as a child. To this day, I may not remember the lyrics to popular secular music from my youth, but when it comes to God’s music I have to say that the Holy Spirit keeps those fresh in my mind. As for Joyful Noise, I think that as long as it comes from the heart, people hear the words speaking to them no matter how the person sings, and the Lord just loves that we are drawn into worship with him through it. As for you, you did beautifully because it came from your heart, and that is what matters. If it bothers you though, there are some vocal exercises that would help you just to open the vocal machine and breathing up, and there are even Christian vocal coaches that have made cds and dvds to help people that you can use at home…or the office. I’ve used these to teach others to sing in fact, and to keep my voice in shape over the years. You should be able to find them at any Christian bookstore. They don’t teach you the heart of the music though…that you already have, because it is the connection you have spiritually with Jesus.


        • Awesome!
          Thank you… you touched on everything I wanted to know. And the tips on vocal exercises – right on! I do want to learn more about how to pick up discordant sounds.


        • It’s in the ear…most people listen to the voice they hear in their head, and that is what throws them off. You have to learn to listen to your voice bounce off the back wall because that is what everyone is hearing. When you learn to do this, then you will start accomplishing 2 things…projecting your voice and beginning to learn to correct the sounds that are off. Same with instruments…listening to recordings will give you what others hear, and if an instrument is off.


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