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Men too fall in Love with Jesus

How uncomfortable is it for you as a guy/dude/bloke to worship Jesus telling Him how beautiful he is or how much you really, really, really love Him? Do you think it’s awkward and culturally unacceptable? Do you think it is too romantic to stand up in a crowd of believers, eyes shut and at the top of your voice tell Jesus how much he is beautiful and how much you love him?

Take a listen at the conversation between to men in the movie Courageous

I understand that it can be a little uncomfortable to tell another guy especially in our culture that you love him. Unfortunately, the only kind of love our world or culture is fixated upon is romantic or sexual the kind of love and fails to understand that there is more to love than just the romantic or sexual aspects of it.

There is Epithumia – associated with lust, Eros – associated with romance, Storge – associated with natural affection for things, Phileo – looks for something in return for tender affection and finally, Agape is to love completely expecting nothing in return… it is not sexual or romantic in nature.

For a guy, you must be really messed up to think that worship songs expressing love for Jesus is equivalent to a romantic expression of love for a girlfriend. My love song to Jesus doesn’t make Him my girlfriend. I am very missional in my thinking, especially when it comes to sharing the gospel with others, but I am really not worried about how the world, an unbeliever or a believer may interpret my expression of love for Jesus in my worship songs.

Case in point… Take a listen

Allow me to answer a few questions base on the conversation in the video
Matt is asked if the (dude/bloke/guy) asking the question has a point about wording in worship songs. Matt’s response is yes! I think the guy has a point if the song in question is evangelistic in it focus. In other words, if the song was composed with the unbeliever in mind, than all care should have been taken to ensue that they don’t misunderstand the message. But the song in question is a worship song, and the focus is not evangelistic, the focus is worship of an awesome God.

The next question is – Should we in worship tell God (Jesus) he is beautiful? Matt says in a sense not really because no where in the bible does people come to God saying you are beautiful. But in reality Psalm 27:4 talks about “gazing upon the beauty of the Lord.” The bible says in Psalm 50:2 that “out of Zion the perfection and beauty of God shines. Psalm 96:7 says “strength and beauty are in his sanctuary. So I think it is appropriate to tell Jesus he is beautiful – after all He is the Lilly of the valley.

Can a guy/blokes/dude with his eyes closed in public sing a song to Jesus expressing how much he loves Him?

Now, I love Matt Redman, and I appreciate his theological care, his missional approach, but I am disappointed to hear that he regrets ending his song “let my words be few” (which is one of favorite worship songs ever) with the words ‘I’m so in love with you.’ I have no problem expressing my love for Jesus in any context.

I am afraid that we are too fearful about how the world will judge us – so we take away the cross because it is offensive to them, and since we want them to love us and accept us and become converts, we are willing to tear down the very things that saves us in the first place, so that I can make someone comfortable. I’m sorry but I will never apologize to anyone for my devotion and expression of love to my Savior. What do you make of the story in John’s gospel chapter 21:15-17 where Jesus comes after Peter three times with this question – “do you love me?” Notice Peter’s answers – three times he tells Jesus “I love you.” Dude I am so in Love with you.

Here is how I think worship leaders and worshippers should respond to a person who thinks love songs are weird and uncomfortable especially for guys? Use:
1. The David I don’t care – ism
Do you remember when David danced before the Lord and his wife rebuked him for undignifying himself before everyone. What did he tell her – in short – I don’t care what you think and by the way I will do it again. 2 Samuel 6:14-23
2. The Alabaster Dynamic
Do you remember in Mark 14:2-9 when the woman with an alabaster flask broke it open and lavished the costly perfume/ointment upon Jesus? Everyone began to scold her, saying this could have been sold for a lot of money and given to the poor. But no one understood the cost of her alabaster flask. No one understood where he had brought her from, no one understood how much He affected her life, no one understood when He wrapped his loving arms around her… how he fixed her, healed her, delivered her, fulfilled her. Friends, unless people can taste and see how good He is – they will never understand the extravagance of our love songs to Jesus. I can never apologize for that!

Dudes/Guys/Blokes I encourage you to worship Him and express you love for Him unashamed. It doesn’t make you less a man. S get out of that mentality that I can’t lift my hands, lift my voice, get my groove on for the Lord. If you tasted his goodness, let nothing stop you.

So drop me a line today and share your journey. Your struggles, your reservations, your freedom and your boldness.

Bloke is a slang term for a man. It is commonly used in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. Planting Potatoes says

    Walter….I agree with your post today! My name is Mark….and I really do love Jesus! 🙂


  2. Fantastic post. I’d like to say that I worship God unabashedly but at the same time I’d be lying if I said the thoughts you’ve expressed here have never crossed my mind. I take comfort in knowing that God loves me for who I am, though. Even when the ‘what will others think’ thoughts start creeping into my head. I’ve been blessed to have some solid role models in my life – guys – who have no shame when it comes to praising and glorifying God with words and songs. Seeing them just let their love for Him flow has been very empowering to me to do the same. This blog post is empowering too. Thanks for posting it!


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