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Amazing Grace!

From time to time we do a hymns in our church… and our people love it! Other times we either tag one at the beginning or at the end of the service just in case. But for two weeks in a row I decided to do amazing grace for no reason at all. Well, there is a lady who just started coming to our church with her three kids. Two months ago, her soon to be husband was killed in an accident and “Amazing Grace” was his favorite hymn. So every time I do the song, she would just begin to cry and cry and cry. Well, her son told her that the pastor is just trying to torture by singing that song every sunday and she told him, no, he doesn’t know that it was your dad’s favorite song.

Last week, her uncle brought her up to me for prayer after church because she had attempted to take her own life the night before. Just before we prayed, I asked her – have you given you heart to Jesus yet? She said yes, when she was only a child. So I asked her if she would like to rededicate her life to Him and she said yes. So we prayed and she asked Him into her heart anew. We met again after church a week later she wanted to give me a testimony – that’s when she told me that Amazing Grace was her late boyfriend’s favorite song and when she hears it, it reminds her about him. She also mentioned the part about her son thinking that I was just trying to torture her.

But here is where the story gets better. With eyes lit up and a smile on her face, she said, “pastor, I found myself singing that song this week, and when I got to the place where it says, ‘I ONCE WAS LOST BUT NOW I’M FOUND WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE’  I said wait a minute, now I get it, I was lost, but now I am found, I was blind but now I see. I get it”. She said it was then she realized that Jesus had come into my heart after she had prayed and asked him to.

Friends this is the kind of story that keeps me doing what I do… this is the kind of story that just lifts me up and tells me this is the reason why I am here… to hear someone say to you – “NOW I GET IT – I ONCE WAS LOST BUT NOW I AM FOUND WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE” Thank God for His Amazing Grace.

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