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The Holy Spirit has feelings too

Somewhere along the way we learned that through humble prayer and pursuit, radical consecration, deep worship and diligent study of God’s word, we can experience His supernatural power – and rightly so. As a result, we run after the Holy Spirit just for Him to make us look good, successful, anointed and powerful. We run after Him just so He can help us teach with power, lead extraordinarily, and do “greater things.” I believe it’s about time we start running after the Holy Spirit not because of the comfort he brings; the needs he meet; the dreams He fulfill or the power He gives, but simply because of who He is – God – deserving of our pursuit, our worship, our longing and our honor. When we wait for Him – we wait not because we want to take, but because we want to give Him our very lives. We want to expose the very fiber of our being, till everything we’re made of burst in endless love and adoration. When we run after Him – …

Are you a Visionary or a Dreamer?

Imagine coming to the end of your life and you are presented with an unchecked list all the promptings, prophetic promises, divine direction, dreams and visions, things you wanted to do in your lifetime but failed to see any of them realized. How would you feel? Unfortunately, this is the legacy of many – wasted opportunities, wasted dreams, wasted potentials. There are two kinds of people, in this world – visionaries and dreamers. Which one are you? A very good friend of mine went home to be with the Lord a few months ago. After I heard about His untimely death, I felt the urge to record a short video of myself singing a song that my friend and most of our friends at one time sang together. The idea was to encourage his family and all our mutual friends. I really felt that it was the Lord impressing this vision upon me. But weeks went by, and still the song had not been recorded. When I finally thought about it, it dawned on me …

It’s not about things but it’s all about Him!

He is all I’ll Ever Need Sometimes all we want from God is a quick fix, a blessing, an answer to our questions or at least an explanation for our pain, sufferings and tragedies. So we cry out, fast and pray, seek, chase and pursue Him as if He is playing hide and go seek – until it dawns on us – that it is not about things but about Him. It’s about finding Him, being with Him, getting lost in Him, becoming crazy about Him, loving Him.  When you come to that place – than you will understand that this is all you want – all you will ever need – all you will ever live for. So today, let Him capture your heart again, let Him bring you to a place of depth in Him, a place you have never been before. A place where you are completely lost in the wonder of His love. Only than will you understand that it is not about things but it’s all about Him!