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God, Love, Romance

I bought Fred Hammond’s new project the other day and I love it that he took on a project that addresses the issue of love and romance in the life of the believer. The album is musically sound as always and a new thing on this record that truly sets it apart is the dramatizations interposed throughout the album. It is jam-packed with real-life stories. Some of the tracks you might want to look for are: “I’m in love with you” “Amazing love” “You are going to make it” “Love song to the lamb” Some of the dramatization I think you will love: “So you just gown to leave” “Girls night out/Out take” “Write something for me” “Love will find you” The style: R&B – Urban Gospel This is a two CD Set with comment on the ups and downs in relationships – with slow and smooth R&B groves on disc one and some power packed urban gospel praise on the second disc. This an unforgettable musical experience. Get a Copy Here Walter Bright