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Things that are Better

Ecclesiastes 7:1-29

A good name is better than precious ointment… verse 1

It is better to have a regular quite time than to be a party junkie… verse 2. The house of feasting often shuts out thoughts of God and eternity

Godly sorrow is better than all the laughter in the world… verse 3

It is better to be sensitive and sympathetic to the hurts and needs of others around you, than to be thoughtlessly lost in diversion and amusement… verse 4

It is better for a man to be rebuked than for him to listen to all the pop culture and make me feel good sermons in the world… verse 5

Catch those Foxes

Foxes are pests that wreak havoc in vineyards (e.g., they will eat the grapes). Although the vineyard has been associated with the appearance of the woman (1:6), here it is described as our vineyards and thus refers to their relationship. The foxes represent some hindrances that are threatening to spoil their relationship