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By the Bay

I took my girls to youth camp at Glad Tidings Church in San Francisco last Sunday and picked them up today. I serve that congregation for about 3 and a half year. Since I left, I’ve brought my kids back every year for youth camp. Here are three pictures you might like.

100 Years of Fire

Four days ago I had the privilege of revisiting a very historic Church right in the heart of San Francisco. They kicked off a three month celebration of 100 years of fruitful ministry to the city. The senior pastors of Glad Tidings San Francisco, Forrest & Christina Beiser are my spiritual parents. With them I served the Church and the city for about four years. So I was very glad to be back. We had a special time celebrating and looking back on all the great things God had done and all the pastors and their families The Lord used in the process. Robert and Mary Craig, founders of Glad Tidings Temple and Bible Institute, were part of a religious movement that since the early 1900′s has become the largest branch of contemporary Protestantism. The history of this part of Christianity is remarkable, and so is the history of the development of Glad Tidings Church. This movement emphasized that GOD could be a part of every area of life, that GOD could be experienced, and …

Let nothing cause your spirit to waver and your soul to sink

Those of you who know me well know that am a big fan of David Livingstone. In fact, he is an inspiration to me, a hero if you will. One of the things I admire the most about him is the sacrifice he made in spending so much of his life in Africa. The amazing thing about this is David himself doesn’t even regard it as anything extraordinary. Here is his perspective on the subject: If you knew the satisfaction of performing a duty as well as the gratitude to God which the missionary must always feel in being chosen for a noble and sacred calling you will have no hesitation in embracing it. For my part, I have never ceased to rejoice that God has appointed me to such an office. People talk about that sacrifice I have made in spending much of my life in Africa. Anxiety, sickness, suffering or danger from now and then, with a foregoing of common conveniences and charities of this life may make us pause and cause the …

All Good Things Must Come To An End

You have no idea how good it feels to abandon annually. Take a week or two off and have fun, relax, enjoy your family and vacation. It felt amazing! I thank the Lord for a time of refreshing. I had a wonderful time here, but now, it is time to go home. All good things certainly must come to an end. So, to everyone of you – much Love from San Francisco – see you on your blog!

Is Treasure Island still a treasure?

Yesterday I decided to visit treasure island in San Francisco, you don’t only get a great view of the city if you are a photography enthusiast; but I still have a few friends living out there. Well, there are two new things I noticed on the island. One that shocked me and the other that had me praising God. Let me start with the good one: There is new c3church campus on the island. According to them C3 Church exists to connect people to God. They are passionate about the local church as God’s expression of his love, grace and mercy on the earth. Their hope is that people would make C3 their church home and find community that will help them not just believe but belong. And their website provides all the necessary information and resources to get to know and experience God, – it is a Church and people for yourself. Their pastors are Mark and Gail Smallcombe Well, the second thing that I wasn’t crazy about was a new addition to the …