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Pooped Shepherds

Pastors, leaders, bloggers, pastor’s wives, missionaries, speakers, servants of God – as you sit back in the comfort of your home, browsing the internet for something to lift you – I pray that this little message, by Marc Cleary, will do just that. Here is the simple, yet powerful outline. Feed your soul with it and be encouraged. Be still and know that I am GOD Be still and know that I AM Be still and KNOW Be STILL BE

Bitter Free

How do you react to grumbling and criticisms? Do you react in the same negative spirit? Do you feel the need for revenge and payback? I personally think it is a test of character when others slander and are judgmental of us. Character is not only how we act but how we react to people who hurt us – especially those we call brothers and sisters in Christ. I have been in situations in my life and ministry when I literally felt my heart descend into a dark and bitter place because of how others treated me. But The Lord has taught me and has given me tools to keep me from bitterness. I tweeted about this sometime ago: “I will not sin against God by ceasing to pray for you." 1 Sam. 12:23. Give me thick skin and a soft heart toward mean spirited church folk — Walter Bright (@WaltBright) May 9, 2014 So what’s up with this verse? How can this verse help deal with the hurt and pain that come from the people we  love and gladly serve. In …