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Christmas Confessions

Christmas Confessions One of the things I love about Christmas, whether others like it – celebrate it or not, is that, it presents us with a fresh opportunity to revisit the most important aspect of God’s relationship with man and his intension to reconcile man unto himself. It is not the only theme surrounding the holiday, but I will argue that it is the most important. This is the Glad Tidings of Christmas – God became man to reconcile man to himself. It is therefore important for us to meditate upon it, teach about it, talk about, sing about it and believe it, because it changes every about Christmas and helps us celebrate with a deeper meaning and purpose in mind. At Christmas: We confess that God did fulfill the promise which he made to the our fathers by the mouth of his holy prophets (Isa 11:1; Luke 1:55; Gen 26:4; 2 Sam 7:12; Ps 132:11; Acts 13:23) when he sent into the world, at the time appointed by him (Gal 4:4), his only-begotten and eternal Son. We …