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A Blood Donor saved my Life!

Originally posted on The Sound:
Last year our church did it’s first blood drive. It was in preparation to be a donor that I learned about the plight of those with blood diseases, especially Sickle Cell Anemia. I had no idea that, of the 80,000 or so people with the disease, 99% were African Americans. Anyway, despite my dislike for needles, I happily made my donation. Well, yesterday I found myself sitting in one of the American Red Cross offices waiting to make another donation. Truthfully, I had been avoiding their calls, but they had a donor match for my blood type and the person was in need of blood. So there I was silently thinking about the needle prick and whether I was hydrated enough for them to find my veins; I have small veins. The donor in front of me greeted everyone by name and I speculated that he was a regular donor. He had his 13 year old daughter with him and they seemed right at home with the process. As he…