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Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow – Who promised you tomorrow?

And he said, “Tomorrow.” Moses said, “Be it as you say, so that you may know that there is no one like the LORD our God. Exodus 8:10 Have you ever had a “duh” moment reading the Bible? A moment when you perceived that the action or decision taken by someone you are reading about was foolish or stupid. Well, I had one the other day reading Exodus chapter 8. God had sent Moses to Egypt to tell Pharoah to let His People go. If Pharoah did not let the people go, He would pour his wrath upon the land. Chapter 8 of Exodus is where we find our second wrath. The first being the turning of the river Nile into a river of blood. Seven days after that, one would think Pharaoh will repent and let the people go. Instead, he hardens his heart and sits through another horrifying experience. This time it’s frogs. Frogs are everywhere. They came out of the land and covered it. Pharoah calls Moses and begs him to plead …

Big But

Seems we have all kinds of excuses not to do the things we ought to be doing. Simple truth of the matter is… we all have Big Buts that get in the way of us consistently living a sold-out life for Jesus. This comical look at the subject of excuses might just get you to agree that it’s time to “shrink the but”.