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It’s not about things but it’s all about Him!

He is all I’ll Ever Need Sometimes all we want from God is a quick fix, a blessing, an answer to our questions or at least an explanation for our pain, sufferings and tragedies. So we cry out, fast and pray, seek, chase and pursue Him as if He is playing hide and go seek – until it dawns on us – that it is not about things but about Him. It’s about finding Him, being with Him, getting lost in Him, becoming crazy about Him, loving Him.  When you come to that place – than you will understand that this is all you want – all you will ever need – all you will ever live for. So today, let Him capture your heart again, let Him bring you to a place of depth in Him, a place you have never been before. A place where you are completely lost in the wonder of His love. Only than will you understand that it is not about things but it’s all about Him!