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Cultural clashes in defining beauty

My wife was recently in Boston to give a short talk at TED. The video is available on their website right now. I would appreciate it if you took just a few minutes of your time to follow the link/video still below, watch the video and give her your feedback. About this speaker Dalali is not only my wife, but the mother of my two children and the most amazing person I know. She is a State Street new hire, who graduated from California State University, Chico with a double major in project management and accounting. Her research focuses on how leadership styles played an important role in political upheaval. Delali is also a certified SAP associate and led a project to convert SAP ERP Financial case studies from IDES to GBI dataset, to support SAP curriculum progress at her university. About this talk In this talk she shares her personal story of how growing up in West Africa, she was bullied and marginalized for being skinny. Her family worried about her, put her on …

hey boys and girls: whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold

Sticks and stones break your bones, I know what you’re feeling Words like those won’t steal your glow, you’re one in a million This, this is for all the girls, boys all over the world Whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold So hold your head up high, it’s your time to shine From the inside out it shows, you’re worth more than gold So don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not loved And don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not enough. Yeah there are days when we all feel like we’re messed up But the truth is that we’re all diamonds in the rough Kings and Queens inside and out – yeah, that’s who you are… and this is for you where ever you…!