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Evangelism & Joy

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit. Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will return to you.

Psalm 51:12, 13

There is an undeniable link between sharing our faith and the level of our joy. We often focus on joy as a motivator for sharing our faith and long to see it expressed upon the conversion of a person.

  • But how much impact does joy have in the process of sharing our faith?
  • Can people feel it?
  • Can they feel what we have?
  • Does anyone recognize it?

If I made muffins and believe my muffins are not only the very best muffins you will ever eat, but the only muffins with ingredients to make you thin, but I exhibit zero excitement about my muffins and I’m not a pound close to being thin; would it matter to anyone how good I think my muffins are?

In the same way, if I believe Jesus Christ offers the very best life you could ever have in this life and the one to come, and by meeting Him you can experience the joy of His salvation, how interested would anyone be, if I didn’t exhibit a good measure of salvation’s joy?

What we seek to share with others is not only good news, it is the manifestation of that news in our lives as it overflows with what the bible called the “joy of our salvation.”

The joy of our salvation is an inner satisfaction, produced by the Holy Spirit as he reconciles, renews and regenerates our hearts – making us alert and alive to the love and power of our creator and savior.

This joy of our salvation is evidence that we have received the fullness of His forgiveness and acceptance. This joy then must shine through our lives as we seek to make the savior known to others. We only give away what we have. Joy!

Therefore, to be a credible witness to the world, one must not only have a clean heart and the right spirit; but an overflowing level of salvation’s joy. That joy alone is a testament to the magnitude of God’s gift received.

Freely receive – freely give!

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  1. Thank you for the joy that you allow to season your evangelism my brother. Your ministry is truly the salt to this earth and a light in the midst of darkness. Continue the good works that our God has set before you. GOD BLESS!!!

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    • Hey Ali, thanks for noticing the Muffin analogy (lol). I work hard on that one. Had to word it and reword it many times over. Thanks for adding value to my post by leaving a comment. Stay richly blessed!

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    • Hi Nancy
      I did indeed! And Spring, oh yeah – finally. How’s life with you and the family? I hope all is well. I am trying to get back to writing and spending time on all my favorite blogs. Btw – yours is at the top of my list. I will see you soon on your blog. Stay richly blessed!

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