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Core Declarations 2017

Who are you listening to?

What are you reading?

Or, might I ask – what are you watching?

Whoever, or whatever has your attention is shaping your life and your destiny.

You say, “brother, I am not listening to anyone but myself.” Well, what are you telling yourself?

If we are ever going to experience and enjoy the fullness of life, we must shame the naysayers and haters by living out the gospel in this hostile world, and win the war on negativity and pessimism, we must regularly remind ourselves by speaking the word of our confession.

It is essential that we look into the word of God and allow it to shape our core values and principles. We must study, Meditate, confess and commit to radical obedience.

Take 10:

I’m known by God. 

Even if the world never hears of me or never get to know me, I am persuaded that He knows me and It brings me satisfaction.

I love my wife. 

“All of her” – like someone said – “her perfect imperfections.” Just as Jesus loved the church and gave His life for her, I must do the same to love and serve my wife.

I am a man of God. 

I am full of faith, full of life, fully equipped, anointed, empowered and called to do great things. I am an ambassador, and I represent the Kingdom with integrity.

I am free. 

Sin shall not be my master. For God is working in me both to will and to do of his good pleasure. I am abiding in Jesus, meditating upon His Word and following His example.

I live on purpose. 

I am not like a boxer beating the air. I am not swayed by the currents of culture. The Holy Spirit is my guide. My steps are ordered by Him. I am in his will, and I’m fulfilling my ministry and reaching my destiny.

My children are taught by the Lord. 

They will grow up in fear of the Lord. They will love Jesus and commit fully to following Him. Their well-being shall be high.

I am blessed beyond measure. 

I am resting in the finished work of Christ. Everything I need is already provided. I live by faith and trust; for His grace will never fail me.

I am stronger/Better/Wiser because of others. 

I purposefully and strategically seek out friendship and mentors to help sharpen my life.

I live to serve not to be served. 

I am gifted by God to serve others. I am a kind and faithful steward of God’s many graces.

I am growing in my craft. 

My leadership skill is improving. I am more disciplined and focused. I am becoming more creative and innovative. I am opened to change and willing to admit my shortcomings and mistakes.


I am reminded of scripture to actively replace every negative, sinful and prideful thoughts with ones that are true, noble, admirable, pure, excellent and praiseworthy. So I make this a regular exercise so that I may reach my full potential in Christ.

Do you struggle with keeping your heart, mind, and spirit aligned with God’s Word?

What core values and principles have you developed that are shaping your outlook on life?

How is your regular reminder of these core values helping you stay focused and productive?

Thanks for sharing!

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There are three things I think about every moment of everyday... they consume me deeply. How to: 1. Refine my theological understanding 2. sharpen my ethical rigor 3. and heighten my devotional intensity. These are the things I write about. Welcome you to my blog... Join me on this incredible journey of exploration and discovery of all the things God has in store for His children. Join by following or subscribing. I appreciate your thoughts, comments and friendship. Walter


  1. Great post Walter – thank you.

    What core values and principles have you developed that are shaping your outlook on life?
    > Worship is what I am taught, love is what He desires. Obedience is what I am taught, partnership is what He invites. Forgiveness is what I am taught, “move on” is what He tells me. Sin is what I am taught, love is absence of sin. “For the love of God” is not just an outburst, it is a truth.

    How is your regular reminder of these core values helping you stay focused and productive?
    > He never invites me to be focused and productive. He simply invites me to be secure in love, secure in who I am, safe in relationships, and nurturing of all (including me and Him). The more I accept, the more I grow.

    K.I.S.S. seems to be His operating manual 🙂

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