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Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise

A few days ago, I walked into my office and realized that I had two voice messages from the light flashing my office phone. I quickly pressed the button on the phone to retrieve the messages. As I listened to the second message, I recognized a familiar voice.

It was Bob Kilpatrick. If you don’t know who Bob is, you ought to. He is not only a prolific singer songwriter with countless hits, an author, but also one the most down to earth, passionate for Jesus and funny guys on planet earth. He is a bundle of joy to be with.

Around the time I got saved, Bob’s praise and worship songs were sung in every church. I remember leading the church in songs like, In my life be glorified. That one song was featured in almost every worship set. Long before I got to meet him, Bob’s words in songs took me to another place. A heavenly place. His words today, are still taking me same. Taking me places.  Heavenly places.

In 2014, we had an opportunity to spend a weekend with Bob at our church. It was incredible! We loved him. We were refreshed by his music and his words. We laughed, worshiped, danced, and had an awesome time of fellowship.

So, after almost a year of missing him, I couldn’t stop listening to his message. I guess it was the unexpected affirmation of praise the floored me. I played it over and over again. finally, I sat down after the fifth time and pressed the repeat button again:

Hi pastor walt bright, it’s me bob kilpatrick. Just wanted to touch base with you, see how you all are doing. Because I think, you guys are an undiscovered gem. love you, talk to you soon.

That one message made my entire week. I don’t think I will ever forget the message. It is embedded within my soul forever. I’ve also been thinking about how my congregation would respond to the message when I share it. I know they will be moved by it.

When was the last time you honestly, genuinely offered someone else an affirmation of praise? When was the last time you give someone a compliment that really made a difference? Allow me to motivate your with these words of Dale Carnegie. He wrote, “Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”

Do that today! Don’t delay.

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  1. realchange4u says

    Praise brings joy to our souls and uplifts or Spirit.. I try daily to praise someone and be a encourager Walter. Thank you for sharing about Bob and these encouraging words of wisdom.
    Peace to you Walter

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    • Hey Tom, I can testify to that. You’ve given me a steady and generous praise through your comments. I want to thank you for all your encouraging words. Peace to you all well.

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  2. hey walter. I still cannot click through to your site through your gravatar. I think this is something wordpress is doing because yours is not the only one doing this. The change would seem to be posting your url on your gravatar. I think that is it. Now, some people would say havig your url there would be advantageous, and I can understand why. But if it has a drawback, you might want to pray about reverting to the name of your blog instead of the url. just a few thoughts…

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