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Got a Cabin in Manolo

I bought this album a few days ago and “cabin in manolo’ has been on repeat since. I discovered something very special when I decided to research the word Manolo – because I didn’t know what in the world Manolo was. Here is what I found:
“The song is primarily about comparing the Bible, the unchangeable Word of God Himself, to a firearm, a weapon that can be used offensively and defensively on a daily basis to change the world for the greater good. The name “Manolo” is a variant Spanish translation of the name “Emmanuel”, meaning “God with us”. This song is about the reassurance God gives us through His Word, something that we can actually use to change the world around us for His will. The name Manolo also implies a “high life” of wealth and fame, and the artists admit in the song that, not only are there critics out there that are trying to bring them down if they slip up, but they are also admitting that they are normal sinful individuals as any human is, and they must regularly stay in the Word of God if they want to be protected and continue to serve Christ.”

This song ministers on so many levels, and “to say that you have a “cabin in Manolo” is to say that you have a reassurance in knowing that Jesus Christ is with you.” I also find it interesting and creative – the artist’s play on words and how he compares the physical cabin rentals in Drake Bay of Costa Rica, where there are actually cabins in Manolo, to a believer’s inheritance in Christ. For this artist, “the term “manolo” which is often used to refer to a neighborhood of high wealth, implies accepting Christ and owning a cabin in heaven (God’s infinitely wealthy Kingdom). You should know today that you have an inheritance if you are in Christ as you rap along with Trip Lee.


Lyrics right here:

[Intro: Trip Lee]
Gawvi, get ’em
Why we do it?
Why we do it?

[Hook: Gawvi]
I do it for the turn-up (gat gat)
Got that ammo locked and loaded
I ain’t talking bout no burner
Flip a page I’ll explode it

Got a cabin in manolo (nolo) manolo (nolo) manolo (nolo) manolo
Got a cabin in manolo (nolo) manolo (nolo) manolo (nolo) manolo
Got a cabin in manolo

[Verse 1: Trip Lee]
Trying to tell them boys
I never leave da crib alone
Cuz I keep one in my car and I got two at home
They diff’rent kinds but they do the same thing
Double-edged double-barrel (bang bang) Yessuh

I’m out here facing dragons, I ain’t out my mind (bang bang)
They comin’ for my soul so it’s bout that time (bay bay)
Them lies they trying to kill me if you don’t believe me
I don’t care, I don’t care
I can’t take it easy

I’m flippin the page, I’m trigga happy a clip in the gauge
Clickin and hittin the stage, hit you with truth thats in every phrase
He cut me deep I’m
Divin’ in, Divin’ in
When I ride I got to (fly fly)
Come alive again

That’s right (when I ride I got to)
Come alive again, You know we got it
Come alive again, uh huh
Manolo mayne


[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Manolo, manolo?
I’m out here going postal
My partnas think I lost it, my momma think I’m loco
I keep my shooter close tho, You know it’s fully automatic
Shoot you straight, man that trigga’ll do you plenty damage
I got enemies I can’t see’em all but they lurkin’ (lurkin’)
I flip that page on em my trigga finga stay workin (pop pop pop)
I got plenty ammo got old and new they both testify, my lord
And ain’t nobody playin with you, gone mess around, and come test the fire (hah)
And I ain’t gotta say no more, gonna kick kick bang and the thing gone blow
Red Letters like a red dot on yo door (yep yep yep yep yep)
All yall gone with a dash on the backseat
That’s me with a clip full of black ink
Ima hit yall with it till I split yall widdit (man down man down)
Had a bad week, bad week (man down, man down)


[Outro: Trip Lee]
I be a sheep I’m a dummy
Sometimes it ain’t even funny
Them lies are sicker than poison pours while the truth that is sweeter than honey
And we know that He got us
He is with us can’t block us; Ibaka
His word is my weapon
It’s going Brrrr-aaat!

[Hook, first half]

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  1. Hey Walter!
    I just got back from Harvest America in Phoenix. It was amazing! The night opened up to Trip Lee and this one song. I aint gonna lie. Didnt like it. Matter of fact… I had huge question mark running marquis style through my head. Manolo? Shoot you straight, man that trigga’ll do you plenty damage? Pop pop pop!?!?! Uhmmm this is a christian event right? Saw a bunch of kids get crazy! Dabbin and spittin the rhymes… but I didnt get it. So I search Manolo.. and you come up. Thank goodness you did man cause i get it. Now I’ll be talking about my cabin in Manolo. Much love.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Walter, I miss your deiligence and devotion to study and application. The post about Trip Lee, on point, very informative and articulated well. Thanks my brother in Christ for your ability to make people better.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Praise God!
      And thank you for those kind words. They are very much appreciated. I am looking forward to returning to blogging again. I will see you soon on your blog. Stay blessed my friend.


  3. I was so excited to see this song used last night on So You Think You Can Dance. While I hear it on NGEN radio, I didn’t know the meaning until now. Thanks for posting this.

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