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Reconciliation: Two Worlds Collide

The last few months have been a moving apart of many nations, cities, and Peoples. From the Middle East, to Eastern Europe, Parts of Africa, to Ferguson, conflict, strife and dissension seem to be pulling people and communities further apart. There is no telling of how this falling apart, affects families, Churches and relationships.

I am however hopeful, that just as a people fall apart, there will come a time of healing and reconciliation. This is the will of God; and Quite frankly, our world needs this desperately.

There is an account in Genesis chapters 24-33 that tell the story of two brothers. It is a story of love and hate; friendship and hostility. It is a story of a falling out. 20 years of grudge and separation. It is a very strong desire to revenge, as well as arrogance and un-repentance.

For the most part, it was 20 years of deception, mistrust, deceit, anger, bitterness and the misery of resisting God  Everything was great between them until one betrayed the other. As difficult and impossible as it seems. It took one bold act of surrender for God to break the curse of deceit and bitterness.

When we give up our pride and our grudge, we allow God to work miracles only He alone can. Each one of these men had to humbly surrender something to gain something far greater than they could ever have, holding on to their rights and wrongs.

For Jacob, it was the courage of accepting a new identity after deceitfully claiming to be someone he wasn’t for all these years. For Esau, it was the faith to accept that God still had a great plan for his life, even though he was rubbed of it once. But revenge was not the path to that destiny.

Today, I am hopeful about Ferguson, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Nigeria. I am hopeful not only about justice, but about reconciliation. I am hopeful for broken and divided churches, a society rocked by racism and families torn apart by strife and conflict. I am hopeful for reconciliation.

Let eat me leave you today with a prayer. Out of Psalm 85:10 we find this incredibly powerful verse. And my prayer is that it will start you on the journey toward reconciliation. Psalm 85:10 I pray, that on your journey toward reconciliation, “mercy and truth will meet together; righteousness and peace will kiss each other,” and everything stolen will be restored.

Pursue reconciliation and stay reconciled, everyone!

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  1. I am amazed at the amount of hope in this world. I really am blown away by the amount of hope that overflows in my life. Your post is another confirmation of the hope the flows through humanity. Keep up the good work.


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