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The Weakness of Great Men

The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor. Go in this might of yours and save Israel from the hand of Midian; do not I send you?

15 Statements About Gideon the Mighty Man of Valor. Judges 6

Sometimes great men are found in lowly places. See verse 11

Sometimes great men have a false sense of humility. See verses 12, 13

Sometimes great men doubt God and question His faithfulness. See verse 13

Sometimes great men fail to realize that it is only in their weakness that God shows up strong. See verse 15

Sometimes great men fail to realize that victory is only certain if God is in it. See verse 16

Sometimes great men don’t recognize their greatness. So they waste their time devoted to common and frivolous things. See verse 11, 14

Sometimes great men doubt their greatness even when repeatedly reminded. See verse 12

Sometimes great men lack perspective in difficult surroundings and circumstances. See verse 12

Sometimes great men just don’t have a clue of how to take next steps, push to next levels, step up to big things and seize opportunities. See verse 15

Sometimes great men fail to realize that they have everything they need for the task ahead. Sometimes all they need is just an idea. See verse 15

Sometimes insecurity is a stumbling block for great men. See verse 16, 17

Sometimes the only thing that is lacking in the lives of great men is a little perspective. See verse 22

Sometimes great men lack the courage and boldness to do great things for God. See verse 27

Sometimes great men have to take down high places in their lives to do great things for God. See verses 25-27

Sometimes great men have weak faith. But weak faith is still greater than no faith at all. See verses 36-40

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