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God Controls Promotion and Success

A few week ago, my wife got a promotion at her work. She still had to apply and be interviewed for it, but I remember how exciting it was for all of us when she shared the news. We texted each other, shouted and celebrated later that evening with a cold bottle of Sparkling Cider. She had worked hard and truly deserved it.

A few days after I reflected on this, I concluded that even though we ought to work hard and do our best at work, our promotion doesn’t necessarily come just by our personal and professional growth. There is another element we often overlook. Let me share with you an excerpt from Howard Dayton’s “Your Money Map” to better illustrate. He writes,

As much as it may surprise you, your boss is not the one who controls whether you will be promoted. The bible says, “For promotion and power come from nowhere, but only from God.” The bible also reveals the reason for Joseph’s success: The Lord was with Joseph and he prospered… The Lord gave him success in everything he did.” What was true for Joseph is true for us. Most people leave God completely out of their work. They believe they alone control their success and promotions and are solely responsible for their job skills. However, those with a biblical understanding approach work knowing God is personally involved in it. One of the major reasons people experience frustration in their jobs is that they don’t understand God’s role.


How will knowing the part God plays in your work impact your job?

Howard Dayton, Your  Money Map: A Proven 7-Step Guide to True Financial Freedom (Moody Publishers, 2006) Page 95

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  1. Asking whether God exists in our decisions is something I find reflected in Dayton’s words here Walt. Hard core decision making may involve a “holding pattern”, demotion or realignment with God’s decision to free us for decision; a path that will benefit us in the end, if we can remind ourselves of the fact that we are not God.


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