I am officially back!

40 days ago, I decided to take a break from blogging to kind of reevaluate my priorities. Well, with the Lord’s help, I think I finally have everything in its proper place. Thankfully, blogging is back on the list, but not in the same place it was. I am thankful for your prayers and the many wonderful thoughts I received from many of you by email.  Today, I would like to announce that I am officially back! I look forward to connecting again with all of you for mutual encouragement in the Lord.

My first post will center on some of the things the Lord has dealt with me during these 40 days. For example:

Family, humility, charity, priority, service, and love.  I’ve learned that “the home is the acid test of the truly yielded life, for in all other phases of Christian service there is a certain amount of glamour; but in the home, one is confronted with the bare facts of life, stripped of all glamour.” I am sure you will enjoy reading my next post it will inspire you.

See each o you on your blog!



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