Mother's Day 2013
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I will never be the same: The impact of a selfless mother


I remember the gifts you extended to total strangers

The food you made us set aside for anyone who would come asking

How house maids became sisters and guys who just came for job opportunities became brothers

I remember the displaced families of 30 men, women and children

With whom we equally share our food and house when war raged on the country side

I remember when you chose to put us in private schools

Depriving yourself of fun, fancy clothes and shoes

How every day you went to work and came right back home to be with us

I have seen your tears, and your generosity, not only to us, but for total strangers

Even though I should be the one calling and texting you, you beat me to it every day

Thank you – I will never be the same. You’ve taught me what it really means to be selfless

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

With much love – Walter

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  2. What a beautiful picture of her and what an awesome tribute! Aspiring for the same. I love the appreciation and love you’re showing her. I lost mine 17yrs ago. I wish I still had her around. But I’m pleased when I see someone (not) take their mom/dad for granted! God Bless you


    • I am sorry to hear about the passing of your mom… I am sure she was (is) awesome. Thanks for the comment and blessings on you!


  3. godanalytics says

    What a great tribute to your mother, Walter…and also a conviction for me to be a better mom!


  4. Anonymous says

    Many blessings to that woman… and the countless others with her heart.


  5. “Mom” spoken in a filled room will make every Mother to turn to the direction of the voice, even though it may not be their own child – proved by a husband and father who did this as a joke who proved his point by a bevy of anxious Mothers who look in his direction like an angry blue bird overlooking her offspring


  6. Anonymous says

    And she got a wonderful son!!!!! No wonder that God called you to His service. Nell and Secret Bro


    • hey there Nell, and Vance… thanks for all your blessings and kindness… may the Lord give you back a hundred fold. please pray for me this week, under a lot of pressure…


  7. Beautiful! Your mother sounds wonderful and so are you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and memories. Judging from the picture, your mother was not only beautiful inside, but amazingly beautiful outside as well.


    • proverbs 31 says, “and her children will rise up and call her blessed.” she deserves all the praise in the world… thank you for your comment. Now, let me check out your links… I am sure they are great.


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