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If our hope in Jesus is only for this life, we are the most pitiful and miserable of all men

"If our hope in Jesus is only for this life we are of all people most to be pitied." 1 Corinthians 15:19
Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the most important element of our faith. Everything rises and everything falls with or without it. Dismantle it, and Christianity as we know it comes crumbling down. That indeed is not an easy task, however. Christianity has survived all sorts of scrutiny and has stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, some Christians are too heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good. But tragically, some are too attached to their earthly goods that they have lost sight of this crucial truth – The Resurrection!

At this time of the year, it will do us some good to shine some light on this life changing event. Hopefully, we can refresh our minds and translate the experience into a lifestyle that goes on throughout the year. So, join me today and lets look at His resurrection and what it mean.

“If there is no resurrection from the dead” how does that affect our faith and claims?

  • Our Christ Himself has not been raised
  • Our hope of eternal life is useless
  • Our preaching is futile
  • Our faith is empty
  • Our witness is false
  • Our faith is useless
  • Our sins have not been forgiven
  • Our reunion with loved ones will never happen.
If “Christ resurrection from the dead is true, what evidence is there to support it?
  • The empty tomb
  • Jesus’ post resurrection appearances to his disciples
  • The many eyewitness reports
  • The Man himself: who he was, what he taught, miracles he performed, prophesies he fulfilled
  • The changed lives of those who believed in him
What does”Christ resurrection from the dead guarantees?”
  • It guarantees our bodily resurrection from the dead
  • It makes the claims of the Christian faith ever more important
  • It demonstrates the power of God over sin, satan and death
  • It gives us the courage and power to preach the gospel and tell the world about this eternal hope
  • It gives us great joy that we will see our departed loved ones again
  • It brings assurance that we will see him face to face
  • And with Him live for ever and ever
This Easter, spark a fire and fan into flames each day for the rest of your life. Make His resurrection the most essential truth that drives your faith. Celebrate it, defend it, shout it from your rooftops. Happy EASTER everyone.
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    Unfortunately, some Christians are too heavenly minded that they are of no earthly good. But tragically, some are too attached to their earthly goods that they have lost sight of this crucial truth – The Resurrection!


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