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Be thou removed: Prayer of a man they called “Consecrated Cobbler

When William Carey went to India, many a wise man would have said to him, “You may lust as well walk up to the Himalaya mountains, and order them to be removed and cast into the sea.” I would have said, “That is perfectly true; this Hinduism is as vast and as solid as those mountains; but we have faith-not much, yet we have faith as a grain of mustard seed”; and William Carey said, “I will go up to the mountain.”

Lonely and weak he walked up towards the mountain, which in the eye of man seemed verily one of the summits of human things, far above all power to touch or shako it; and with his own feeble voice he began saying, “Be thou removed! be thou removed!” And the world looked on and laughed, a celebrated clergyman, looking down from his high place in the Edinburgh Review, was much amused with the spectacle of that poor man down in Bengal, thinking in his simple heart that he was going to disturb Hinduism; and from his high place he cast down a scalding word, which he meant to fall just as of old boiling lead used to fall upon a poor man from the height of a tower. He called him a “consecrated cobbler.”

All the wise world laughed, and said he was treated as he ought to be treated. However, he went on saying to the mountain, “Be thou removed! be thou removed!” And one joined him, and another joined him; the voice grew stronger; it was repeated in more languages than one: “Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the depths of the sea!” and now there is a large company who are uttering that one word, “Be thou removed!” I ask the living representatives of the very men who first smiled at this folly,

“What say ye now?” “Well,” they answer, “you have not got into the sea yet.” That is true; but do you say that the mountain during the last forty years has not moved? No man can say that it is in the same position as it was when William Carey first went up to it. It is moving fast; and I call upon you to swell that voice, the voice of God’s Church, which seems to say, “Be thou removed, be thou removed, and be thou east into the depths of the sea!” Cast into those depths it will be; and a day will come when the nations of a regenerated East will write in letters of gold upon the first pages of their Christian history the name of the “consecrated cobbler.”


Written by William Arthur

Source: The Bible Illustrator on Mark 11

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  1. “You may lust as well walk up to the Himalaya mountains”
    Meant just, not lust?


    W Carey was amazing. Cost him his family to serve in India. But the greatest servants have always said, “I never made a sacrifice.”


  2. Forgot.

    Thanks for passing by my crazy un paid blog. Hope if you read something you don´t have to go to therapy, don´t think so with God´s help though.


  3. Beautiful written and a lesson to be learned. As they said up there in the comments, very insightful. And I would add the word deep also.

    Read ya later more.


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