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It rains fish in desert places when God gets ready to bless you!

I am about to tell you a true story that will blow your mind. The country is Australia. The town is Lajamanu and it is about 400 miles south of Darwin and Alice Springs, almost on the edge of  the Tanami Desert in Australia’s northern territory. It was sometime in April or March of 2010 that hundreds of fish began to fall from the sky as rain fell over the town. Residents of this desert community were left speechless as fish – some frozen, others still alive fell from the sky. For seven days they ran all around town collecting buckets of fish  that had fallen from the sky.

A brief look at history will tell us that this incident was not unique to this Australian town:

  • In the 1st century there were storms of frogs and fishes.
  • In 1794 French soldiers reported toads falling from the sky.
  • In 1857: Sugar crystals as big as quarter  of an inch in diameter fell over the course of two days in Lake County,  California.
  • In 1940: A tornado in Russia brought a  shower of coins from the 16th Century.
  • In 1969: Golf balls fell from the sky on  Punta Gorda in Florida.

To explain this strange incident, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said that the incident was probably caused by a tornado. According to them, it is not uncommon for tornado to suck up water and fish from rivers and drop them miles away. But the point I am trying to make is this:

As isolated as they were, as far as they were from the coast line and as dry as their environment was, nature found a way to rain an unexpected blessing upon them. Now, if nature can be this generous and strategic, how much more our loving Father, who sees and knows our need?

When you have a work to do and the task is daunting – God can reach you and bless you.

When you know that His command cannot be done by human might and power – God can reach you and bless you.

When all you have is a bit of oil in your jar, and you know it is not enough – God can reach you and bless you.

When all you have is like a little boy’s lunch of fish and bread – God can reach you and bless you.

You may find yourself in a desert place, but that cannot stop God from reaching and blessing you. You may be laboring without fruit in your ministry, church or business, but that cannot stop God from turning things around and blessing you.  If God so determines that it is your season and it is your time, he knows how to rain down fish in the middle of the desert. When God gets ready to sent you a harvest, it doesn’t matter where you’re located.

  • If you are Elijah – He will sustain with two meals a day in the middle of a famine.
  • If you are Abraham or Sarah – He will bless you with a child in your old age
  • If you are Israel – He will rain Manna in the desert place and cause water to come gushing out of a rock.
  • If you are a poor widow – He will cause oil to continue flowing until you have no more bottles to fill.
  • If you are a boy with just a lunch of fish and bread – He can take what you have, bless it and multiply it.
  • You may be in a desert place – He can cause waters to spring up in desert places…

It doesn’t matter where you are, when God gets ready to bless you, he will move heaven and earth if he has to. So get ready for your harvest today – it’s about to rain in your desert places, your hard places, your barren places. He is about to blow a wind of blessing your way. He is about ready to open up the sky with showers of blessings upon you.

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  1. Reblogged this on Living Life: Day by Day and commented:
    “It doesn’t matter where you are, when God get ready to bless you, he will move heaven and earth if he has to. So get ready for your harvest today – it’s about to rain in your desert places. He is about to blow a wind of blessing your way. He is about ready to open up the sky with showers of blessings upon you.” My only comment: Amen!!!


  2. Amen! God is so powerful He has the ability to meet us right where we are and to sustain us too. How and why should we doubt this? Thanks for this very timely reminder and happy holidays!


  3. Thank you for this blog. It always seems when I am in the most despair I am reminded that God has not turned his back on me but may be waiting for the right time to turn things around. God bless you!


  4. There used to be a gentleman who followed such happenings. He called them, “fafrotskies” – “fallen from the skies.” In fact, you can google the word. Doesn’t mean God can’t do it, too, when you need fish in your desert.


    • thanks for the comment… I will google the word and check it out. I am so glad to know that God still works miracles. When you need it the most – He’ll show up right on time.
      Thanks a million for your comment!


  5. “When you have a work to do and the task is daunting – God can reach you and bless you.”

    I love the refrain, Walter. I would differ so as to replace the “will bless you…” with the “can bless you” that you pick up in your list, as wary as I am of the prosperity gospel. There is no greater gift He has already given us than His Son crucified and resurrected in history. But indeed, He more than can do all the rest if it should please Him. The greatest glory goes to Him when we are most satisfied in Him, yes? (John Piper) Love the stories you open with. And your timely reminders readjusted some things in my heart. I’m heading up some Cmas caroling with young homeschoolers in two nursing homes and for the music gifts He’s given me, the first rehearsal bombed. I rejoice to get out of the way and let Him do as He pleases. Thanks.


    • Wow! Very beautiful comment. I agree – all the glory goes to Him. The best thing to do is step out of His way and watch him use you big time. It will all come together – you’ll see. Just give him your best and He will do the rest. thank you for a wonderful feedback!


    • That verse Sheryl is one of my all-time favorite verse. Every time I read it or see it mentioned anywhere – for one reason or the other, I get Goosebumps. Thanks for sharing my post – it is an honor. Stay Blessed!


  6. I love these kinds of crazy events! I would like to send you links to a couple of strikingly similar stories, but I need to know where I can send them via email.

    Thanks for your intriguing tales.

    Peace & Grace,
    Sister Olive


      • I sent them but I will have to check those links again because at least one of them appears to be broken.

        But I love when God acts and scientists try to discredit Him by citing natural causes. To me, the scientific explanations just make God seem more awesome than before!

        Sister Olive


    • Hi Deborah, I am glad you found it useful. Stay blessed! Nothing’s going to stop him from reaching you. I pray that the seasons and times will change for you and bring God’s miracles – in Jesus name.


  7. Redneck Garage says

    I am very happy that God can take what seems to be impossible and turn it into a blessing. My biggest fault is getting in His way.


    • hey Patrick, don’t we all do? I find myself doing that all the time. But hearing his tender voice saying – “I got this” – is so refreshing and life changing.
      thank you for the comment


  8. Thank you, thank you and amen, amen! I really needed to hear this. Also, have you seen the “Transformations” series of how God moved in certain communities?


      • It can be found in YouTube under Transformations by the Sentinel Group. There are various stories of how God transformed the land when people humbled themselves and cried out to Him.


        • oh the one by the Sentinel Group – I use to be crazy about the sentinel group, but have not follow up on them in a while. I have seen those, unless they are recent ones. But they are incredible, an awesome show of the power of God at work. I need to take a look again. Thanks for sharing – it brings tons of great memories to me. Talk to you soon…


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