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From Prison to Prime Minister: 7 principles for divine favor

When we read the bible, especially ancient stories like that of Joseph, the first question that comes to mind is – is this applicable in my life, is this relevant for our time? The answer to those questions is very simple. God made sure that what is recorded in the scripture will transcend time and minister to subsequent generations. If it worked for them, it will work for us. So “Yes”, God can raise you up from nothing. He can elevate you beyond your qualifications. He can promote you and cause you to be more influential than your peers.

Let me share with you 7 Principles about how that can come about:

Destiny is not necessarily where we can take ourselves but where God can take us. It is the prophetic promise on our live. It is his dream not ours. However we need to embrace his plan and align our lives with it. Joseph held dearly unto every revelation God gave to him. He wrapped his entire life around it and it lifted him to greatness.

Too often we sell ourselves too short of greatness. Instead of fleeing sin we indulge ourselves. Every little compromise decreases our chances for the big game. Integrity of the honest keeps them on track; the deviousness of crooks brings them to ruin. Those famous words of Joseph still ring strong throughout the centuries – ” how can I do such a wicked thing in the sight of The Lord.” His integrity lifted him to greatness.

In order to reach our destiny we must develop the quality of being able to grip something firmly. We must develop spiritual stamina, an enduring determination to persevere amidst adversity. Joseph had a lot. From the hatred of his brothers, to being sold, he persevered. From the lies of a desperate house wife to jail, he endured hard times. His tenacity lifted him to greatness.

Passion, without it nothing significant ever happens. passion is not an enthusiastic evening and a melancholy morning. It is not a temporary thing. It is a constant flow of energy that is driven by deep seated convictions. Joseph had a lot of it. A quality that did not only set him apart, but also set him up for greatness.

Can you be trusted? Can God entrust with anything? Too often we wait for the big things the most important things in life before we can prove that we are reliable. But God usually tests us with the little things to see if we have what it takes to handle the big things. Joseph was completely reliable. His family, Potiphar, the Warden and Pharaoh could count on him. That alone lifted him to greatness.

Loyalty speaks volumes about a man’s character. It is in of of itself a natural currency for promotion. A truly loyal person will have no difficulty in his or her allegiance to God. Joseph had a lot of it. To his family, to Potiphar, the warden and to the Pharaoh. His exclusive loyalty to the people he served and his loyalty to God lifted him to greatness.

One of the reasons why God favored and richly blessed Joseph was because of his merciful heart. God knew it was in him. After all the horrible things he went through we never find him complaining or vengeful. On the contrary, we find him giving unconditional forgiveness and mercy. Blessed are the merciful.

These timeless principles have worked throughout the times and still do today. We can all tap into them and they will lift us to greatness.

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  1. I love this post. And this is one of my most favorite stories 😉

    I love the things you pointed out and I will also add that the scriptures never mentioned that Joseph complained but he did allow his gifts and talents to cause him to prosper where ever he was placed.

    I pray we all can do the same 🙂

    Blessings to you my brother 😉



    • Hey JC
      This has always been my prayer. That the Lord will use me in any and every situation in life. But that can be a very dangerous prayer to pray, cuz no one really likes the valleys of life. Thanks for your insightful comment.


    • You are welcome Kristin. It’s really cool to see how God meets us at the point of our needs.

      I just read the “About Kristin” page on you blog and was very impressed with your credentials. I see a lot of value in what you have to say and will be frequent reader.

      Stay blessed and useful in “His” hands. Walter


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