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A Looking Glass, Self Examination and The Word of God

It is a wonderful thing for people to give up the measure of their own appearance for God’s cleansing. David Guzik

Exodus 38:8
He made the basin of bronze and its stand of bronze, from the mirrors of the ministering women who ministered in the entrance of the tent of meeting.

This was a laver to hold water for the priests to wash in when they went in to minister.

This signified the provision that is made in the gospel of Christ for the cleansing of our souls from the moral pollution of sin by the merit and grace of Christ, that we may be fit to serve the holy God in holy duties.

These mirrors were used for the making of the laver. Either they were artfully joined together, or else molten down and cast anew but it is probable that the laver was so brightly burnished that the sides of it still served for mirrors, that the priests, when they came to wash, might there see their faces, and so discover the spots, to wash them clean.

Note, In the washing of repentance, there is need of the looking-glass of self-examination. The word of God is a glass, in which we may see our own faces (see James 1:23) and with it we must compare our own hearts and lives, that, finding out our blemishes, we may wash with particular sorrow, and application of the blood of Christ to our souls.

Usually the more particular we are in the confession of sin the more comfort we have in the sense of the pardon.

Henry’s Complete Commentary on verse 8 of chapter 38./ Image: free image of the week

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  1. Thanks for this, Pastor Bright!

    So pleased to see Matthew Henry’s commentary used and also for the StudyLight version of his work. (I have been using the recently revised unwieldy layout of his commentary on another site, so will now switch to StudyLight.)

    I enjoy reading your site!


    • thanks a million… glad to know that you use that stuff too… those resources on are truly amazing… I go there all the time. Thanks a million for the encouragement – very much appreciated. see you on your blog!


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