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The Weiner in you

Anthony Weiner said last Thursday that he’d traded racy messages with many women since similar sexting forced him out of Congress. The former congressman who resigned in 2011 after the first batch of sexts surfaced, is running for New York mayor and had been near the top of most polls of the Democratic primary race until the latest furor over his behavior began last week when the gossip website The Dirty posted explicit messages that a woman said she and Weiner sent each other starting in July 2012. When reporters attempted to pin down the evasive Weiner as to the number of women with whom he had exchanged illicit messages, he delivered a rambling response before settling on “six to 10, I suppose.”

Jonathan Lemire & Jennifer Feltz

The question is what is this guy thinking? After being publicly humiliated and getting kicked out of office by his actions, he goes back to doing the same things that ousted him in the first place. It is my take that Anthony Weiner has a Weiner Problem. Even though he insists that he does not have an addiction to this kind of lifestyle, he most definitely has a problem. A problem that most believers can identify with: A disposition to sin and a return to it – just like a dog to it’s vomit.

    The Weiner in you is a weakness,

A certain disposition to sin. Even though some of our weaknesses may not lead to a public scandal, every one of us has a Weiner in us. For some it is pornography, prostitution, stripe clubs, money, alcohol, the party life, groupies, gossip, boasting, exaggerating, sexting, anger, masturbation, hustling and dealing. It is that thing that we wrestle with, fight against but it keeps coming back to knock us down.

    The Weiner in you is a stronghold.

It has a grip on you. It is stubborn. It is not easily overcome. It is almost like a “dog going back to it’s vomit” and a lot of Christians have a little of Weiner in them. They fall down and get up, they are hot, than they are cold. No matter how hard you try to cut loose, you are caught in its web. It is that thing you get easily addicted to.

    The Weiner in you is deceptive.

It tells you that you are invincible. No one will ever find you out. You wife will never know. Your boss will never find out. The Weiner in you tells you that you are good at it. In fact it even convinces you that you can never change – this is who you are – embrace it.

    The Weiner in you is sometimes demonic.

While I don’t believe a believer can be demon possessed, I do believe they can be demonized, influenced or haunted if you will. No matter how much you try to medicate it won’t go away but by spiritual warfare. According to Jesus, there are some kinds of demonic activity that can not leave but by “prayer and fasting.”

    The Weiner in you is pleasurable.

The Weiner in you is pleasurable. It is the thing that keeps you coming back for more. Sin has a lot of pleasure in it. I don’t think anyone will be doing it in the first place if it wasn’t fun. But the tricky thing is that pleasure is fleeting and temporary. It bites in the end, and always lead to death – spiritual death.

    The Weiner in you must be confronted.

Denying that you have a Weiner problem is a mistake that can keep you bound forever. The first thing one needs to do is accept or acknowledge that they have a Weiner problem. If you cannot accept the fact, you will not be able to confront the fact. The second thing is to be open about your Weiner problem, thus leading to the third thing – seek help. Finally we must humble ourselves under the mighty power of God and allow the word of Christ to dwell in us richly as we daily submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit. When we acknowledge our sins, openly confess our sins to Jesus and to others without shame and seek the help we need through counseling, accountability and for some – deliverance, drawing power from the Lord, allowing his word to saturate our lives as we submit to the leading of the Holy Spirit – we not only get set free, but also stay free and victorious.


Sometimes when our sins are exposed to the world, it forces us to deal with it in a public way. Some do well others don’t. But what do you do if your Weiner problem is never exposed?

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  3. Great article!

    Concerning demonic activity, we were given Unger’s book “What Demons Can Do To Saints” two years ago. My husband and I read it. Good thing, too, because just a month later my born-again S-I-L showed up at our house.The only word to describe him was “tormented.” I’d never seen anything like it.

    Without Unger’s book, we’d have assumed he had a chemical imbalance or something and taken him to the mental hospital. Instead, we recognized the problem and acted accordingly. Over the course of five days, God set him free from his tormentors.

    I’m not going to lie – it got pretty crazy around here that week! (Especially for this Baptist-raised child of God!).

    I’m so thankful that God laid on the heart of our friend to give us a copy of Unger’s book and insist that we read it – before we had an inkling that we would need that information!

    Someday I’ll share his story – I have his permission to do so. God reigned victorious – as always!



    • Amen, He reigns victorious – always!
      Thanks for that testimony. I look forward to hearing more of his story. Sometimes we are too quick to call demonic activity a chemical imbalance. For lack of discernment, a lot of people go through unnecessary mental treatment that just doesn’t solve the spiritual problem. I am so glad you were able to discern what the problem was and deal with it accordingly. And again, the timely nature of getting that book is amazing. I praise God for your willingness to listen and follow his lead.
      stay blessed – see you on your blog!


  4. Funny and clever title, but seriously great post, Walter! I agree with you; we all have a Weiner issue. What’s so perplexing about him and others is that they have no shame. I would be hiding under a big rock if I was him – a rock that my wife would have probably thrown on top of me:-)


  5. I have Wiener issue that I never want exposed. I repented, and still repent for it from time to time. But I gave it to God and trust that its forgiven. But the key to success is to NOT repeat it! A lesson Mr. Wiener has yet to learn.


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