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Behind every great man

I have often heard it said, “behind every great man is not just a woman, but a godly woman.” Well, how about 5 godly women?

When God was about ready to deliver His children at of captivity and bondage into freedom and the land of promise, he did not just raised up a man for the task.

The first thing God did was to raise up and prepare five (5) extraordinary women of exceptional courage. Women who would help shape the destiny of a male child called Moses.

We often hear about the greatness of Moses but not much about the great women God strategically placed and used to make him great.

They are all around us, mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, aunts. One or more women who’s been a solid rock, confidante and inspiration. Sent them flowers today and don’t wait till they are dead.

Meet the fab five:
Shiphrah and Puah the midwives who feared God enough to stand against the king’s command. The mother of Moses and his courageous big sister. And of-course, the daughter of Pharaoh.

Had it not been for these women, as imperfect as they might be, we probably would have never heard about Moses – the conquering hero and deliverer, the most humble man ever.

Take some time today to acknowledge and celebrate the woman or women God has placed in your life.


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  1. Before every man or woman is born, God uniquely plan and position at different places and in different times, people that will help in someway bring such into His ultimate purpose. Great post.
    Thanks for following always stopping by my blog, taking time to read and like my post. God Bless You.


  2. L.Evans says

    You got it….behind every great man there is a godly woman behind him. I love the story of Moses. And your right, his mother was a woman of faith believing her baby would covered by God. His sister Mariam was also awesome and courageous. Then Pharoah’s daughter was loving and a good provider towards Moses. A lot of times when we hear about Moses story, these ladies usually aren’t mentioned, however God used them to birth, nurture, protect and provide for this man of great faith to fulfill His promises.

    Thanks for this great reminder of the great women who are behind the men of God!


  3. Hi Walter, beautiful post. Our roles as male and female are uniquely at the heart of God’s plan and purpose. What a great way to celebrate it with the ladies in your life.

    Have a blessed week ahead.


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